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the bed size on both of those trucks appears to be the same.

The length, definitely. But having owned similar sizes with the same bed length (Mazda B2200 & F-150), I can tell you that the larger truck has a much higher max weight capacity, with at least 2-6in greater rail height and anywhere from 12-24 inches greater bed width.

As in, you could put a standard 4×8 sheet of plywood down in each, but in the smaller truck this sheet would be sitting on top of the wheel wells, while in the larger truck it would likely be sitting between the wheel wells entirely.

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All I am looking for with one of these is LHD, PW, AC and stick. All other non-default creature comforts are superfluous.

But yes, would love one of these, especially if it came with a 2m³ capacity dumping bed.

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Now, TBH the truck in the back can carry a much heavier and/or physically larger load. Even though the beds are the same length, it’s bed is slightly deeper and likely a good foot or two wider. But how many truck owners transport such loads on the regular? In fact, how many truck owners have anything other than Pavement Princesses?

The truck in the front is more than enough truck for most “truck owners”, they just choose the back option for it’s utility as a penis extender.

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Many modern routers have this exact capability - to take a USB-only printer and serve it up over the network. Even some ISP modem/router combo units are set up to do this. Check to see if your router has any USB ports on the back.

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Rick Mercer was Canadian Gold.

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when it wasn't actively sexually harrassing T'pol

I never understood that need. T’pol was already fiercely exotic, what with her flawless face and remote Vulcan disdain. They could have put her into a spacesuit for the entire series and she would have still been attractive AF purely due to her personality and strength of character. About the only improvement I would have liked to see is more of her character arc being in conflict with her Vulcan upbringing, particularly in trying to deal with those infuriatingly irrational humans, and her emotional entanglement with Trip.

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Any drug made with even a penny of taxpayer money (grants, funding, etc.) should be priced to taxpayer-affordability levels, with any corporation making it beholden to production SLA’s that severely ding them (far more than they could ever make off of the drug) if they cannot meet 100% of market demand.

Plus, set up a government company whose sole purpose is to serve the public by producing drugs at cost for anything that isn’t meeting market demand. As in, massively undercut the Parasites.

Then make this retroactive to all drugs, all the way back, no matter when they were developed.

If a drug company wants to suckle at any teat other than 100% self-funded, they would have to put 100% of their own money towards developing that drug. As it is, there are ZERO DRUGS that haven’t been developed on the taxpayer dime, either in part or in whole.

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Nationalize healthcare, take it out of the control of the provinces, have its funding hard-set to population metrics and then insulate it completely from political meddling. Ensure that all upper-level execs in this crown corp have never nor will never be involved with a related free-market corp, in order to prevent corruption and service degradation in favour of Parasite-Class profit margins.

Set up turnkey operations for GPs such that new doctors are incentivized to service communities at the grassroots level without driving themselves into poverty. Set up national unions for all healthcare workers that ensure wages remain appropriate for each region’s CoL. Set up a watchdog that ensures hospitals and other institutions are being run decently well in relation to the funding they receive, with the ability to seize underperformers (as in, shareholders lose everything) in order to bring them back up to minimum thresholds of service.

Finally, make the government the only possible payer for any healthcare service for anything, from vision and dental to physio and anything science-based (too bad chiropracty, we don’t need your snake oil). As in, make it illegal for anyone to be charged anything out of pocket, including drugs. Use economies of scale to minimize costs to the taxpayer.

That’s how you resolve the current conditions: you utterly eviscerate the profit motive when dealing with healthcare.

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Implying that we have a future at all is inherently hopeful

Over the last year I have done a deep dive into climate science, the capitalistic and political responses to it, the collapsing Return on Research, and how modern agriculture at scale is going to be impacted.

If humanity is either not already extinct by 2100, or at the very least caught in an unavoidable terminal decline leading towards it, I would be very, very surprised.

There is a reason why climate scientists have begun to - very grimly - start calling themselves “climate pathologists” and - for the younger ones, at least - avoiding having any children at all.

The vast majority of people have absolutely no clue how apocalyptically bad things are out there, and how on the one side capitalism is whitewashing the problem under the rug, while on the other side right-wing politics are trying to make everyone think it’s all fake.

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What is the difference between forced intervention and whatever Portugal did when it decriminalized hard drugs?

Portugal treats it as a mental illness health issue, and provides counselling. Only large non-personal amounts are treated as distribution, and therefore, criminal.

Only mental heath professionals can assign intervention, and typically only in cases where the user is a viable threat to themselves or others (imminent danger of harm through violence). This means that the vast majority of users are not coerced at all - they enter into counselling willingly, and with an intent to come clean.

The reason why things have backslid in the last little while has been due to funding cuts, and nothing else. Which is the same as any public service -- funding determines effectiveness.

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running it in an ssd is it can speed it up

Let me be absolutely clear: due to the finite write capabilities of solid-state technology, using SpinRite on an SSD is materially harmful to that SSD, and WILL shorten it’s operational lifespan by a non-trivial amount.

This is why SSDs have wear-levelling technology: to limit the number of writes that any one data cell will receive. By using a program that conducts intensive read/write operations on sectors, you are wearing your SSD out at a much higher rate than normal, dramatically speeding up any failures in the future.

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I don’t care about living longer. I see no point in doing so when beset with dementia or unable to even walk, much less run.

Give me full vitality in body and mind until my last day, and I’ll be satisfied even if it’s only 80 or 75 years.

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This happens both on a feed as well as within a thread.

Happens both on my direct instance as well as on a random instance out there.

I go to scroll, and there is a nearly one-second pause before the screen jumps to where I have scrolled. If I start very slowly, there is no pause, but I am talking about an unreasonably slow start to the scroll.

Working with an iPhone 15 Pro Max, hardware limitations should not be in play here.

Working with the latest version of Avalon.

Curious if I am the only one.

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I have seen these before, but for the life of me I cannot seem to recall what they are called or what they’re for.

Google search - especially image search, where I’m trying to bring up similar items - is now a total potato and seemingly capped at one screen of results in a secure and sanitized browser.

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When I bring up an image by itself, I can do a long press on the image and get the app Safari drop-down interface (see attached), which gives me (along with other tools) the option to download the image to my camera roll or to copy the image for pasting elsewhere.

Unfortunately, the Avelon app blocks this action entirely.

If there is a workaround, it gives no indication as to what it is, forcing the user to thrash around and discover the box with the out/up arrow in the lower right.

If there is a way to whitelist this behaviour, there is also no way to inform the user on what setting they need to adjust.

At any rate, this is a noticeably frustrating suboptimal UI/UX, and should be addressed.

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This is why Galen West is a card-carrying member of the Parasite Class.

And yes, I confirmed the no-shipments, zero-stock with the store manager. 5 days and counting with no stock so far, when the sale started there was maybe 12-24 bottles for 128,000 residents in the city.

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I have been trying to create a post in the Canada community. Scuttlebutt is that the post limit was set to 10,000 characters, but has since been set to 50,000 characters. My post has 9961 UTF-8 characters (9969 characters overall, 8396 characters excluding spaces) and when I hit submit the submission never completes.

The Rot Economy (wheresyoured.at)
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I particularly enjoy how Google got savaged:

Google has a similar yet slightly different story, where their core product - search - has gone from a place where you find information to an increasingly-manipulated labyrinth of SEO-optimized garbage shipped straight from the content factories.

Google no longer provides the “best” result or answer to your query - it provides the answer that it believes is most beneficial or profitable to Google. Google Search provides a “free” service, but the cost is a source of information corrupted by a profit-seeking entity looking to manipulate you into giving money to the profit-seeking entities that pay them.

The system almost 100% works as intended! But it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t work for a vast majority of human beings across the globe. But yet it absolutely works as intended for the Parasite Class, the 0.01% at the very top.

And this is why it’s a cancer of our society. Until it has been excised and replaced with something more humane, human civilization is doomed to collapse. You cannot have an economic ideology that demands infinite growth on a planet with finite resources.

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In late June 2021 a heatwave of unprecedented magnitude impacted the Pacific Northwest region of Canada and the United States. Many locations broke all-time maximum temperature records by more than 5℃, and the Canadian national temperature record was broken by 4.6℃, with a new record temperature of 49.6℃. Here, we provide a comprehensive summary of this event and its impacts. Upstream diabatic heating played a key role in the magnitude of this anomaly. Weather forecasts provided advanced notice of the event, while sub-seasonal forecasts showed an increased likelihood of a heat extreme with lead times of 10-20 days. The impacts of this event were catastrophic, including hundreds of attributable deaths across the Pacific Northwest, mass-mortalities of marine life, reduced crop and fruit yields, river flooding from rapid snow and glacier melt, and a substantial increase in wildfires—the latter contributing to landslides in the months following. These impacts provide examples we can learn from and a vivid depiction of how climate change can be so devastating.

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There's no rhyme or reason to the way we publicly fund health services in Canada: six per cent of dental care, 40 per cent of home care in long term care, 50 of drugs, nothing for hearing aids or glasses or contraception. Where's the logic there? As a result, we have the least universal healthcare system in the world. Ponder that for a second. The least universal healthcare system in the world. Not something to be proud of. Medicare does cover everyone, but it covers everyone inadequately. Stated simply, what's wrong with Canadian health care today is that we're trying to deliver 21st-century care with a 1950s model of delivery and funding. We have an Edsel, but we need a Tesla. And my point here is that we need modernization.

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