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Yes there are other formats such as DTS and Auro 3D. You can even do it with straight up LPCM if you want, but DD is one of the quickest ways to do it and iirc DTS has similar licensing requirements with their logo, and barely anyone has Auro. You could try to use LPCM but you’d need a multichannel output such as 6x analog connections or a digital source using bitstreamed output which many didn’t have at the time.

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Sadly I view this as a “net zero” situation. Trump would also abandon Palestine along with Ukraine and Taiwan, so in this instance it doesn’t matter who you end up voting for, but getting Trump has many, many more negatives. So I hope people aren’t using this as their hill to die on for their vote otherwise it puts us in a much worse situation.

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+1 on the “don’t touch the springs”. Those things are deadly like capacitors in tube TVs. I’ve seen one pop and go through a windshield and the seat of a car. Luckily no one was in it as I doubt a person would have offered much resistance to it.

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The two on the left that are just there for the paycheck and not giving it their all, the one in the middle who thinks they’re all that but most likely sucks, and the two on the right that are like “I did Shakespeare on Broadway, and now I’m here? Oh well, I’ll show them what real acting is”

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Would it look for a wire or more so “where is the fucking ground”?

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Yup, 1st gen was 2016, 2nd gen was 2020 which had the A13 chip and 3rd was in 2022 with the A15 chip.

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Jerry Jones, yeah same one that owns the Cowboys, made almost $1B off the price hikes durning the big freeze that almost crippled the grid.

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Android 21 and Frieza had a kid?

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Anyone remember the $1,000 app on the iPhone? People will pay for that shit.

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What about a private plane like a Gulfstream?

Edit: so I decided to do some wild napkin math, but Trump, for example, has a B757, which uses older and most likely more inefficient engines. So take a short haul flight which is 246g/km/person, and a standard short haul flight can hold about 130 people. So if he only travels with say 13 people on board (a tenth of that) it would increase the amount tenfold and give 2,460 g/km/person.

I think the goes a long way in showing that the 0.1% blow things out of the water comparatively speaking.

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.iso …. Storage is cheap and I want it as native as possible, that way I keep all my menus, original video and audio quality without any chance of introducing artifacts.

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I view “completely turned it around” as as 180 too. Think about it “I’ll turn this car around if you don’t quiet down” it means you’ll go the opposite direction. So “completely turning it around” means they did just that.

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Driving around town I’ve noticed quite a few places in San Antonio are offering free weed and are now selling it. Did I miss something being passed? I thought only Delta-8 (and variants) were available and that THC was still banned. Was there a loophole discovered or will the city no longer prosecute?

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What happened to Monica Rial? She voiced Tomoe for all of the first season and the first six episodes of this season but episode 7 was someone completely different. Did she get sick or did something else happen? (Save past commentary I’m just curious in the current context)

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I know that sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum, you can hear it muddled in water, and different temperatures of air transmit better. But which is the “best”. Let’s say you had a speaker and a microphone in an enclosed case filled with whatever you wanted, which would be the best medium to ensure the best sound transmission?

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I’m sure this gets brought up every so often, but does anyone know the status of the merger? It went from “everything from Funimation is moving over!” to “we’re working on it”. It’s been quite a while now and there are still quite a few series I can only find on Funi. Generally they’re older series. I’m wondering if they’re having licensing issues moving things over. The really weird part is I see they’re still adding new content to Funi, a platform that was supposedly going away. I’m keeping my subscription until they’ve fully moved things over.

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I’ve been trying different searches but everything I find just says “sunlight”. Since sunlight consists of multiple parts such as UV, Infrared and the normal visible spectrum, I’m curious which part is actually responsible for photosynthesis to occur? On that note, depending on what part of the light, would it still grow with an LED, black light, etc.?

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Hey all, is there any advantage to getting Voyager via the App Store? I originally did that when setting up my phone but keep noticing it’s a version or two behind all the time. Is there any real advantages that getting it via the store offers in terms of functionality or performance?

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On iPhone, I know with an image, I just click the 3 dots, and select “save image”, however I can’t seem to do that for a mp4. I tried tapping (pauses the video) and long pressing (doesn’t do anything). Do you know how to save a video from Voyager?

Edit: gifs are fine, it’s mp4s

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Now that the 15 has USB-C, I’d like to see if it correctly supports USB-PD. Is there any way to tell the charging speed when you plug in your phone to charge? With my Android it would say “Charging Slowly”, “Charging” and “Charging Rapidly” or I could use some apps. I haven’t found anything with my iPhone though.

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Basically what the title says. There’s always discussions about someone being force sensitive and how they could use the force or not sensitive to it at all, but has anyone ever been completely immune to it? Like if Vader was doing a force choke and the person was just like “why are you holding your hand up like that? What are you trying to do?”

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How do you deal with someone who has had something happen and they keep talking about "God's plan"? I have a friend who is going through some tough times and it looks like they won't be able to achieve what they wanted but keep placing it on God. I think it's a coping mechanism for them but it still is rubbing me wrong. I am trying to stay supportive which basically just entails me keeping my mouth shut.

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