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so you give them 3k then what about next month?

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I mean I thought it ended with total divas

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2010: Odyssey 2

sounds like a joke I know but

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a “whoopsie-doodle”

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man, hole ass es sor

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seems like there’s enough interest for once human that it could really take off if it isn’t a buggy mess like the other MMOFPSs. Smart of them to release a demo.

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i think it’s like the thing from redddddttt where everyone does a pixel at a time thing

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bad boy did him so dirty. R.I.P.

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16x the wait

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a bit cheaper on GMG, for US at least.

Wizard Beer (
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credit to artist methsyndicate, they sell little batches of fun stuff. I found this in some of their old, long sold, listings. I got this from them

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If only… (
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made this a long time ago for another dad community but thought i’d drop it here to help get the content rolling.

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