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Does that mean Germany will have the exotic negative energy that makes constructing a wormhole possible?

[-] profdc9 7 points 6 hours ago

I don't get it, I would prefer my own Private Idaho.

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Just remember, when it comes to baby Jesus, if you're not first, you're last.

[-] profdc9 18 points 3 days ago

Ricky Bobby approves.

[-] profdc9 6 points 3 days ago

Somehow I don't think Generalissimo Eric Trump is in the cards. Probably someone more like Elon Musk or Sean Hannity. A celebrity that can rile up enough violence to overcome his or her competitors.

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The Russians have nuclear submarines. No amount of bellicose bravado will blunt the sting of those.

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Nuclear war is a very real possibility. If Putin becomes desperate enough, he will try to go to the very edge of brinksmanship. In this situation, with launch on warning, any perceived provocation could rapidly escalate. As the fear of a preemptive strike increases, so does the probability of a preemptive strike. Rationality gives way to fear. This is the logic and danger of brinksmanship: that the more you rely on it, the more likely it is to escalate out of control before one side backs down.

[-] profdc9 48 points 5 days ago

This is Enron-scale manipulation. Someone's ripping off the public and making a mint with the help of the regulators.

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I guess they'll have to shut down their bootstrap-pulling engines for awhile.

[-] profdc9 3 points 5 days ago

How the tables have turned.

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The outcome of the war in Ukraine has always been a game of chicken, being which side is willing to escalate to nuclear weapons, and whether the other side may or may not back down. The logic of escalation has always been that no possible gain exceeds the losses caused by a nuclear exchange. The Madman theory ( ) is about convincing one's opponent that is one is not rational, and is willing to use nuclear weapons despite the losses. The threat then, is that Putin, seeing himself politically vulnerable because of his losses, but still powerful enough to command the military to use nuclear weapons, would demonstrate his willingness to use nuclear weapons, even if not directly against a military target, in a demonstration (perhaps in the Black Sea) or an exoatmospheric test.

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As long as the alumni fund gets its share, it's all good.

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I have a program (fldigi, pointed to by the github link) that uses dozens of shared libraries. I would like to be able to distribute a pre-compiled version of the program for testers. I could require each tester to install the shared libraries and compile the program for themselves, however, this would be extremely difficult for most users. What are some options for distributing a pre-compiled version of a linux program? Do I need to make a package for common distributions or common versions of each distribution? How about snap, nix, or flatpak? I don't have much experience with using docker or preparing docker containers, and the particular program (fldigi) requires access to system hardware to function, which a containerized version would have to accommodate.

This is going to be a temporary solution and I hope once the program is done being tested, my changes can be pulled upstream and then distributions will include it that way.

Eclipse Poster (
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I made a poster of my eclipse photos taken in southern Illinois. The PDF of the poster is downloadable as a 24 by 36 inch poster.

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It seems to me these giant grants to a small number of organizations (Climate United Fund, Coalition for Green Capital, Power Forward Communities) seems like it could be delivering pork to well-connected people. Is this actually going to produce "clean" energy and help disadvantaged people? These seem like very large awards to a small number of organizations.

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I would like to get plots started with perennial flower seeds. However, it seems like the weeds will overgrow the plots while the perennial seeds get started.

Could I mix perennial and annual flower seeds and have the annuals try and crowd out the weeds while the perennials take root and come back next year more strongly? Or will the annual seeds prevent the perennial seeds from growing?

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submitted 2 months ago by profdc9 to c/funny

Headline this morning on CNN's web site.

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This is a demonstration if the GuitarPico's effects. The GuitarPico is an open source effects pedal. The hardware and software is available at

GuitarPico (
submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by profdc9 to c/guitars

I'm having so much fun making this I thought I would share.

I am working on a simple, cheap, easy to construct multi-effects guitar pedal based on the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. All of the other parts are generic parts. So far I have implemented the following effects:

Noise gate, Delay, Room, Combine Effects, Bandpass Filter, Lowpass Filter, Highpass Filter, Allpass Filter, Tremolo, Vibrato, Wah, Autowah, Envelope, Distortion, Overdrive, Ring Modulator, Flanger, Chorus, Phaser, Backwards (play the last few samples backwards), Pitch Shift, and Octave (rectification).

Some effects can be cascaded inside the device. There are up to 16 "units" where each processing stage can process the results of the last stage. Various controls on the effects can be assigned to the four potentiometers at the bottom of the board, or two expression pedals you can plug into the side.

I also added a VGA output because I want to have a cool video display that changes with the audio. Also, perhaps implement some kind of guitarsynth or MIDI control.

Anyways this has been a lot of fun to make. I hope others will enjoy it too.

Guitar Pedal (
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For the past few days I've been working on a 3-D printable footpedal potentiometer to be used in a guitar pedal. It is a parametric model in FreeCAD. It has a top and bottom that hinge together, with a potentiometer that is coaxial with the hinge so that when the pedal is pressed, the potentiometer is rotated.

Daria Movie Trailer (
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