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If it's your interest, why not? People buy all sorts of stupid shit. At least my expensive, stupid shit keeps me in shape.

My road bike and mountain bikes aren't even top tier and both individually coast twice that. A new, tricked out Moots or SWorks is $15k.

A $4k eBike can replace your car and save tons more in the long run

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I've seen plenty of tankies "defend Russia" M8. Especially on lemmy fucking tons of erm

I feel like it's the same dozen howling assholes.

Me personally fuck Putin and fuck zelensky. I don't care who wins

Yeah, you lost me there... Last time the world tried appeasing an asshole with conquest delusions in the hope they'd cut it out it didn't work out to well

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I mean... tankies are to leftists what the Westboro Baptist Church are to Christians.

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Get something mainstream. As long as the bike has one of the following engine systems: Shimano, Bosch, Specialized, Mahle, TQ and a couple others I can't think of off hand. Any of the other weird ones are often impossible to diagnose and work on

Bafang motors are a crap shoot. They make a couple that are okay, but also a lot of low end, sketchy systems.

Electra has a couple of cheaper models that come in under $2k. While the motors themselves aren't unsafe, I think the bikes themselves have underpowered brakes and the like. Something like the Specialized Globe is $2800 and is a pretty solid, utilitarian platform.

Avoid Rad Power, Lectric, Super 73, and any of the other weird, fly by night direct to consumer Asian brands

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I work at a bike shop. This is the main reason why we refuse to service cheap, direct to consumer bikes. Plus, most use non standard parts, underpowered brakes, etc. They're non serviceable death traps

I feel terrible for that guy. Sadly most consumers don't know. They see one bike that's $1200 while most are $4000+ and they think they're getting a deal

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My favorite fuckery is when Europeans see shit like 25.4mm, 27.2mm or 31.8mm and it's because of imperial bullshit

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All of this is bad faith and not sourced.

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You can't call it good faith to say, "hey, cut it out" while checks notes STILL SUPPLYING WEAPONS.

I didn't want him to be a hypocrite if that's what you're implying

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To be fair there is something hilarious imagining him using "nigga" in any context... particularly how he'd stretch the corners of his mouth back and over pronounce it

Also, this is the least surprising "news" I've ever heard

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How is this the straw that breaks the camel's back?

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When did I ever say only femmes are tasting my lumpia? C'mon, homie. My diminutive oriental dingus is less lonely than you think.

I've never had a problem with my race. Reading your weird rebuttal makes me feel downright chauvanistic. 2 quips is "several lengthy replies" if you're not genetically predisposed to be good at math, i guess

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Well, there's no time like the present

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An inmate whose HIV-positive diagnosis devolved into AIDS died because the medical staff at the California jail where he was housed denied him lifesaving medication even though they had his prescription and were told he needed it to survive, a new federal wrongful death lawsuit alleges

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After years of resisting subpoenas to testify under oath about deputy gangs, former Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has reversed course and agreed to appear in front of the Civilian Oversight Commission.

More info on Villaneuva's fuckery here: https://knock-la.com/lasd-gangs-little-devils-wayside-whities-cavemen-vikings/

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Happy Friday, everyone!

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