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I think it'd be helpful to understand why you want a lightweight distro. I'm running Linux Mint (Cinnamon) on a x201 (~13 years old) and am happy with it's performance. I doubt you're going to have any issues with any distro with your laptop (as others have pointed out, mainstream Thinkpads are well supported by Linux).

I know I have friends who run beasts of machines but refuse to "waste" resources on niceties like animations and whatnot. If you're into that, I assume you want to optimize and tinker, that's different that lightweight.

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I agree this seems low, but this is just a settlement with the city. Hopefully they'll get more from other organizations.

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Please tell us more. Make? Model? Any modifications? Your history with the car?

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I'm not too familiar with historic international law, but most of the ones in modern use are only decades old. So, while the invasion of Hawaii may be immoral and may have broken international norms, I'm not sure if it's consider to have broken "International Law".

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If the charges lead to convictions

I think you mean if the warrants are issued. There is a warrant for Putin, and that made him cancel a trip to South Africa. I agree with the rest of what you said. I hate how often people let, "Perfect be the enemy of Good." It would definitely be better if the ICC had more members, but even in states that aren't signatories, the court can have an influence on their leaders.

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My spouse and I are currently watching Star Trek: TNG, so I thought of Data saying, "Sir, there appears to be an unauthorized tracking device following our movements."

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YotoPhone. They also made a version 2 & 3. Unfortunately, Yota went bankrupt.

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WINE doesn’t “translate” one CPU architecture to another CPU architecture

Wrong again.

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This article seems to conflate "emulation" and "translation layer". I don't think there is anything that confirms "Prism emulates an x86 CPU", only that it allows for running x86 code on ARM. This does not inherently require emulation as demonstrated by Rosetta 2, which is a translation layer.

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Emulation is almost always slower and eats more battery.

FTFY. There have been some cases where emulation actually outperforms native execution, though these might be, "the exceptions that prove the rule." For example, in the early days of World of Warcraft, it actually ran better on WINE on Linux than natively on Windows.

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Same reason the headlines aren't listing Hamas leader: the international public doesn't know who they are. Netanyahu, on the other hand, has been on the international stage since the '90s.

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This is from 2016 so it's not news.

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Deal sets out pharmacare framework and will cover contraception, diabetes treatment

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