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I wish I had this to pair my bluetooth game controller on Lakka at the time, that seems way more intuitive.

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I hope history will be harsh towards her.

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because of Apple's rules about JITs

Now that I think about it, Apple's relaxing its rules for emulators it must be a PITA to make such a software without JIT..

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The post link is broken, here's one that works


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They polluted their model with the sewage of the Internet.

The only worse thing they could have done is base their entire LLM dataset on 4chan.

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Instance admins can easily see who downvoted or upvoted what tho.

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I don't want a cult leader, I want someone who takes their role as a public servant seriously.

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And if all the files metadata are well curated, it's a breeze to find what you want to listen to.

I have a small USB stick always plugged in the car (barely sticks out of the port) and I can listen to whatever I want without using mobile data or having to pair my phone.

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I'd rather not delete stuff, but correct them as more details come to light.

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Around the world

submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
Orbitals Patch 4.65 (www.nomanssky.com)
submitted 3 weeks ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
Lakka 5.0 released (www.lakka.tv)
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/retrogaming
submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Hey everyone! Here is the full list of patch notes for the Sharpshooter Assassin update:

  • New: 2 new sniper killer types; these killers will shoot victims from windows or rooftop vantage points around the city.
  • New: New mixed-use industrial building*
  • New: Shanty town building (’the Fathoms’)*
  • New: Gated communities (’the Echelons’) are now located at the top of certain buildings. You’ll need to obtain a high social status to access these legally*
  • New: 2 new murder weapons (Bat, Katana)*
  • New: 11 new player perks unlocked by climbing social credit levels! Including:
    • Enforcers will allow you at crime scenes
    • Immediate status cure on visiting player apartment
  • New: Auto travel feature; turn this on to allow your player to automatically follow a plotted route. While auto travelling opening the case board does not pause the game, allowing you to interact with your case board enroute to your destination.
  • New: Added button on the map display to cancel the current route, along with a toggle for auto travel.
  • New: Loitering around shops/bars/restaurants without buying anything is now a thing; you will be asked to buy something or move along.
  • New: New conversations, documents and v-mails
  • New: Steam trading cards, badges and community assets
  • City generation times reduced by about 15%
  • Improved weather effects
  • Some changed/new interface iconography
  • Improved ragdoll physics
  • Fixed: Improvements to player route calculation
  • Fixed: Some errors with AI not prioritising important actions (discovering body etc)
  • Fixed: Player-plotted routes will no longer get cancelled if the player is in mid-air
  • Fixed: Bug when waking up in hospital while playing on a pre-release city
  • Fixed: Ragdolls were in wrong positions upon load of a save game
  • Fixed: In rare cases an NPC could end a citizen’s telephone call by speaking to them
  • Fixed: Stealing money or some certain objects was resulting in cr0 fines instead of their worth
  • Fixed: Player could get stuck upon loading in a game that was saved inside a Sync Chamber
  • Fixed: On games started before 36.07, buying a new apartment before the story mode ended would cause furniture and items to not be saved properly
  • Fixed: City Hall 4th floor would appear incorrectly filled-in on the map*
  • Fixed: No override fog settings when inside some buildings (indoor environment could appear overly foggy)
  • Fixed: Wall decals were not presented properly in camera pictures
  • Fixed: Increased size of briefcase hitbox to avoid intersecting geometry issues when picking it up.
  • Audio: metal impact improvements
  • Audio: water cooler audio fix for cancelling drinking
  • Audio: new dĂ©cor rotation and placement sounds
  • Audio: bone break sound added
  • Audio: minor tweak to body collapse sound
  • Audio: passing time now has its own soundscape
  • Audio: player punch variance when player punches a wall
  • Audio: minor improvements to heavy door knocking on wood
  • Audio: smoothed Edge Distance parameter for better blending of city ambiences
  • Audio: new gain social credit sound
  • Audio: new social level up sound
  • Audio: new case solved sound
  • Audio: new case unsolved sound
  • Audio: improved wooden and metal glass door locked attempt sounds
  • Audio: minor improvements to sync disk machine sounds
  • Audio: sounds added for the various door types
  • Audio: steaming manhole improved roll off and behaviour
  • Audio: locker lock/unlock improved timings
  • Audio: computer HDD loading sound improved roll off
  • Audio: fire barrels less crackly/harsh
  • Audio: wooden door close creak now probability based
  • Audio: fixed English Starch Kola TV ad cutting off too soon
  • Audio: added new TV and PA advert (Old Bourbon)

* Requires a new city generation to appear/spawn/see

Clint (lemmy.ca)
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/dadjokes
submitted 1 month ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
submitted 2 months ago by [email protected] to c/mildlyinfuriating

So good luck figuring out which one you need to remove if you need to do a cleanup.

Orbital Update (www.nomanssky.com)
submitted 2 months ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]
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