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he really needs a hug

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that was some uwu shit

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ah okay, thanks, I missed this one.

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Are these only "just" pulled from the online catalog, or the browser itself blocks installation too from file?

If the prior, I don't really like this action, but my browser won't change because of it (for now?) and also Mozilla and Firefox served me well in the past almost 20 years since I use it, I trust these guys.

If the latter... that could be a different story.

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Also, that guy who fucked with the warp drive in TNG to make the Enterprise go stupid fast and himself became transparent in the meantime

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Many years ago I tried it, but didn't really read up on it. Wanted to back up my Pi's sdcard while the system was running. I even fucking named that script "online-backup".

Now every time I ran that, after hours, I noticed my Pi was crashing, and never booted back up. I used chinese sd cards so I blamed it on them.

But this happened multiple times, just to learn I was using dd absolutely wrong.

dd was always a scary utility to me, and still is. I fucked up things with dd, regardless I quadruple checked everything 😅

but to answer the question; it's possible, but you really need to know what are you doing.

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is that a degu?

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I always read now and even back then people complaining about t9 and how shitty it is...

I don't know, I loved it on my Sony Ericssons. The implementation of it was really nice.

Granted, I did use it on my native language, so maybe in English, it is shitty, but it was a must have thing to turn on for me after a while (when I discovered and realized how it works. before that, it was just some strange black magic)

Just started typing, and if I waited a bit, a list of words came up and could use the dpad or joystick to select a word. only annoying thing was a popup, if the word did not exists I was trying to type, but then I could just add it with two button presses and that's it.

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You can always check its consistency if you run a mount -a after editing fstab. But yeah, an error in the file can cause some annoyance-

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Hi guys! Hope this is the appropriate place to ask this question, but here it goes.

I have a Dell Inspiron 7520 laptop with integrated Intel and ATI graphics.

Recently I've installed Debian 12 on it, using Plasma.

Everything is fine and dandy, but there's a problem; when the system comes back from sleep, or I boot up the PC with the lid closed down, the screen never comes back. The system is running, but there is no screen.

Also, it's not just a blank screen, it does not get power, no backlight, no image on the screen if I shine a flashlight onto it and look hard.

Interrestingly, if I switch sessions to any ttys, the screen comes back and the terminal session displays fine. If I Alt+F7 back to the graphical session, the screen turns off again.

In theory, every graphics driver should be installed, I have non-free-firmware in my sources.list, all the packages that the Debian documentation mentions are installed.

Don't know, if relevant, but same on both X11 and Wayland.

Any ideas?

Thanks, guys :)

Some specs of the machine:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 (3rd Gen) 3612QM / 2.1 GHz
  • GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 + AMD Radeon HD 7730M (switchable*)
  • RAM: 16GB**

*: Not sure this switchable thingamajig works, tho. Haven't really tested, the only purpose of this machine is to start OBS and begin outputting video on NDI.

**: Though 16GB is not really supported on paper I guess and had some really funky issues before, not sure what was the real purpose, the system is rock solid since the last few OS installs.

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Török Ádám és a Mini - Kereszteslovag

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Public beta test ended. (self.mariokartpn)
submitted 2 months ago by kuneho to c/mariokartpn

Welp guys, looks like the public beta access to Pretendo has ended and got restricted.

Either we wait or can donate them to gain beta access, but time will tell what's next.

It's just my opinion, but I guess MK7 and 8 will probably go public sooner or later.

Or selfhost... 😉

Until then... stay tuned, I guess. ✌️

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by kuneho to c/mariokartpn

Post your PNID and/or 3DS Friend Code here, if you wish.

Also, add what games you play or looking for people to play!

Community created (self.mariokartpn)
submitted 2 months ago by kuneho to c/mariokartpn

Hey all!

Stuff will coming here. Probably.

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by kuneho to c/[email protected]

Hey guys!

As you may all know, the Big N soon will shutdown all online services for the 3DS family and the Wii U. Surprising? Not much. But hurts nonetheless.

Though I personally don't really use actively my 3DS (and I also sold out from it a long time ago, still have 2, somewhat functioning O3DSs *:waiting to be repaired), I couldn't help but dust off my working* console and went online.

Apart from the nerdgasm I had (since, 7 is my absolute favorite Mario Kart in every possible way) I couldn't help but notice how fucking awful the online was. Same 4-5 japanese dude, fully packed with cheats and hacks.

My heart was broken, but all that doesn't matter. This is why I'm kinda OK with the shutdown, tho I don't know about the other games. I mean, Mario Maker, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, these all will be gone, and I'm sure lots of people have similar feelings towards their games like I do to MK7. So saying this could sound pretty harsh, but if this is the case with the other games as well - and the Wii U's also a pretty open and used book for hacks nowadays - maybe... it's really time. Honestly, it's just WILD how online gaming on the 3DS (and probably on the Wii U as well) works from today's standpoint.

But I just got off-tracks.

What I really wanted to talk about and just wanted to give a little bit of context for this, is Pretendo.


If you don't know about Pretendo, it's an open-source Nintendo Network implementation. Basically, you can create a PNID here on the normal way you would create an NNID on your machine, and all your 3DS online services are now routed to Pretendo. Currently, some games, but at least Mario Kart 7 online works, pretty much flawlessly (except Friend functions). But it's real, it works, it's amazing... just really empty.

You can find the list of the compatible games and their states.

It even has some kind of Miiverse alternative too up and running, called Juxtaposition.

Using a modded console, it's just a matter of installing a title. https://pretendo.network/docs/install
You can change between Pretendo and Nintendo here.

Though use it at your own risk, as any homebrews that mess with the system in one or another way.

I'm maybe just too excited, but the online services will be killed off anyway, and I just love MK7 way too much, so I'm glad these people made it possible to run custom servers for it.

What do you guys think about it?

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Hello guys!

I'm encountering some strange behaviour with audio controls and volumes, nothing extreme serious, just moderate annoyance source, so I thought maybe you can help me sort this one out! Also I hope this is the right community for this...


The thing is, I'm running Debian Bookworm, with Plasma and I have a rather strange audio setup. It has its legacy reasons, but I use a sound card (CMI8738/CMI8768, it has 5.1 output), and as for the speakers, I've got a pair of active 2.0 speakers and an active subwoofer (which was a part of a 2.1 system, but now I just use only the woofer). These are connected separately to the card; the stereo pair goes to the green output jack (front) and the subwoofer goes to another, which I think is the center+woofer output.

For some reason, the center and woofer was swapped on my card, or the subwoofer was hooked to the other channel, no idea, but I was managed to change them in pulsaudio's config /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/profile-sets/default.conf and modifying [Mapping analog-surround-*], changing the order of lfe and front-center in channel-map.

Then I noticed I can't really control the woofer, it worked, the setup was working, but not in the way I wanted to. The goal was to make the system actually control the outputs as intended and think about it as a 2.1. Amongst the profiles, there were no 2.1 option, only stereo, quadrophonic, 5.1 and 7.1.

By adding this line to ~/.config/pulse/default.pa...

load-module module-combine channels=3 channel_map=front-left,front-right,lfe

...and also editing ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf by adding these to it (tho honestly I don't really remember, why)...

remixing-produce-lfe = yes
remixing-consume-lfe = yes
lfe-crossover-freq = 120
enable-remixing = yes

...I was managed to create a virtual output that behaves actually like 2.1. I can control both left and right channels and also the woofer on its own. Neat!

(the problem)

Now I have two volume controls. One for the "real" output - the 5.1 profile and the virtual one, the 2.1.

In Plasma toolbar, changing the volume with the scroll wheel is unpredictable, or, at least, I haven't really figured out how it works at the moment; sometimes it controls the real output, sometimes the virtual. On my left screen, it usually controls the real, on the right, most of the times it controls the virtual. But it just changed at the moment as I tried out, typing this post. Now both of them controls the real one.

The goal would be to have the real output constantly on 100%, and every volume controlling action should be take place on the virtual output.

Also, another strange thing is that even tho it looks like everything is fine and dandy, the overall output is low. When this happens, usually on the real output the left, right and woofer channels themselves are changed to lower (probably a previous state of the virtual output) volumes.

This all seems pretty random and unpredictable. If it works, it's awesome, and problems doesn't occur for days, but sometimes they do, and I have no idea why.

Any ideas?


I'd like to know why my volume controls (scroll wheel, volume keys) have effect on seemingly random outputs, and why do the volume of each channel that is present in my virtual output get change ON the physical setup (so the left, right and subwoofer sliders in the 5.1 output) persistently.


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Isten nyugosztalja, remélem jól érzi magát az öreg a legendák közt.

submitted 6 months ago* (last edited 6 months ago) by kuneho to c/vgmusic

I'm still blown away by this track; it's just amazing IMO

submitted 6 months ago by kuneho to c/memes

Not sure if it's NSFW tho...

Just imagine (lemmy.world)
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Hi guys! I've got a strange problem with my Switch, and I hope this is a somewhat fitting community for this.


Using this youtube video I was able to rebuild the firmware it failed to update. Unfortunately all the data got lost, but that's a small price to pay.


Note: this works only on Windows. (had to borrow my gf's laptop for this)

My question

Is there any way I can... reformat the NAND with a completely fresh system from RCM and is it safe? Maybe I have NAND backup somewhere, but I'm not counting with it.

Why do I ask

My Switch is 24/7 on its dock. Honestly, we rarely use it, few times a year, maybe? Or some games here and there for 30 mins max., but it's always on, always in sleep, connected to the dock.

Same thing today, I turned it on with the joycons and went to upgrade the controllers, then wanted to redeem a code in eShop, cause, what a coincidence, I just bought a game yesterday (Lucky's Tale). eShop needed me to update the system - sure thing, go ahead.

The update was downloaded successfully and the console rebooted. And... never came back. After sitting there for... not too long, but long enough for a system update restarting thingy, I checked the Switch, and, well, it was completely black.

Tried to turn it on - nothing. But that was, because it was already on. The fans were spinning, it seemed alive at least.

I held down the power button for around 20 seconds, then tried it to power on. This time, Nintendo logo appeared on the screen - oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about... or maybe not, because after the logo the screen went suspiciously black... so not even backlight. And... that's pretty much it. I was unable to enter Recovery Mode (or... how is it called), because same thing; Nintendo logo, black screen, the end.

If I just plug in a charger, it shows charging and reports full battery for a moment at the top, and then... it gets again into this state, where I have to force power off the console.

Now, after reading up online what the heck just happening to my Switch, I've found some articles and posts about this being a relatively common thing amongst v1 Swtiches (which mine is), and there's no really great answer, what causing it. So, it's pretty much a black screen of death. Maybe a faulty power chip, maybe the memory, maybe the storage, maybe the battery... and the list goes on.


So... the reality is it's not that dead, as anyone may think.

Since, it's a v1 Switch, I can enter RCM mode no problem and push payloads for the console to boot up.

This is what I did, and for my biggest surprise, the console just booted up Hekate no problem (it's a... boot manager of some sorts) and for my even biggest surprise, I was able to boot up the system to emuMMC (basically a clone of the Switch's OS, just on the memory card), and... it was alive. Had no issues with anything.

However, when I try to start up my Switch "normally", it just dies, RIP.

So my guess is then, that System Update messed something up big time.

It's not under warranty, and I'm from a country where I don't think I could send it in to Nintendo. There is an official Nintendo repair here, maybe they can help me, if flashing is not possible, or if it's hardware related issue. (It can be, IIRC emuMMC runs from the SD card)

Thanks! And have a nice day.___

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