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Yes, I did that immediately on loading into the OS for the first time. I set the correct one as my primary display, and disabled the one I don't want it to use. It works fine when logged in, but i suspect it isn't loading those settings until it gets into the user account and thats why it isn't respecting what I set.

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Oh my god. CobiWindowList just completely solved my issue. You are my hero. Thank you so much for this.

I don't want to piggyback with an unrelated issue, but i have one other linux issue I am wondering if you can help with.

I have 2 monitors on my desk, and a big TV on the wall on the other side of the room. I have an HDMI cable running along the wall to connect it to my computer. I rarely use the TV, I only turn it on when I want to play games in bed / not actually at my PC.

I have it disabled in Linux and that works as expected. However, I have noticed that that "setting" doesn't kick in until I have passed the login screen. And for some reason, on the login screen, it really wants the powered off TV to be the primary display. So when I am on the login screen, I can't actually see the login prompt.

I am wondering if there is a way to make that display stay disabled always unless I manually enable it. Or an alternate fix, make the correct monitor be the primary display while on the login screen.

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Sorry i didn't mention it in the post, I am on cinnamon.

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Oh! Apologies. I didn't realize that was an option on install.

I am on cinnamon.

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I, like many others, have been getting worn down by Microsoft's awful changes to Windows over the years, and I finally said enough is enough and moved to Linux.

I had a little linux experience beforehand due to my work, but this is my first time using it as my main OS. I am still very much a noob when it comes to linux.

So far it's been great though. I am running Linux mint.

I am having 2 issues I can't seem to solve, though. The taskbar (or I guess as Linux is calling it, the Panel) was only on one monitor rather than both. I managed to put a second one on my other monitor, and I enabled the "show windows from all workspaces" option on both panels. But it isn't behaving like I have come to expect using the Windows one.

For example, both panels have the icon for Firefox. If I have Firefox open on my main monitor, and click the firefox icon on my second monitor's panel, it just opens a new window instead of bringing the existing firefox window into focus.

An example of why this annoys me that sometimes I am playing a game that is full screen, and the flow i have over a decade of experience with is that i could click that firefox logo on the second monitor to bring up the window i already have open.

Is it possible to just have 2 identical panels that function the way the taskbar does on windows?

I am willing to switch from cinnamon to a different DE if thats what it takes. I tried installing xfce, but it seems like the issue is exactly the same there too. Not sure if switching to a different DE will help.

Or is the solution to just use a different applet than the default one in the panel?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, this is the only linux forum I am aware of.

EDIT: Strangely, it seems like this issue is only occurring on the second monitor. If an application is open on the second monitor, but I click the icon on the first monitor's panel, the behavior I want happens, it just puts the existing window in focus. Not sure why that is, the applets on both panels are identical as far as I can tell.

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I know you are probably joking but iOS has had an app drawer for a while now.

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Show me a 50 inch computer monitor with speakers and multiple hdmi inputs, and I’ll agree with you.

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Pretty cool that both Diablo 4 players are doing it on Steam Deck

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The bench has no seat

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There are also a few mods that add ridiculous DK weapons like Frostmourne! or if you want to dual wield, Blades of the Fallen Prince!. I haven't used those because imo they're much stronger than anything else in the entire game and it would just make you one shot everything forever.

One combo that feels unfair is that you get Death Pact, where you can sacrifice an undead ally to gain 50% of your max health. You also get to summon a ghoul, but it costs an unholy rune, so if you aren't unholy subclass that's only doable once per short rest. However, one of my companions is a spore druid, who can summon multiple undead. The dk can sacrifice those to heal as well. It's ridiculous.

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I've been playing with it for a couple days. It's ridiculously powerful. I've only messed with the Frost subclass, but it's really strong. Feels like I'm playing a paladin with double the damage and a bunch of CC / powerful healing options.

And you get everything back either per battle or per short rest too, so it is very very powerful.

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