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Also Europe gave away so many shells that now the European ammo factories work to replenish the most basic strategic stockpiles of the EU militaries.

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The link does not say in what way people were not supposed to share.

The link is the same kind of self-delusion people show around all of these generative tools: "look the faces are weird, the bird has wrong feathers, the cat has only 2 legs, nothing to worry about" while forgetting that most everything else in a clip works well and that it is the first-of-the-first releases which will get gradually better.

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Ylva Johansson. She's Swedish and late last year went on tour around Swedish media about chat control. The media, however, were prepared so hilarity ensued.

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Unless you want to take out a whole bunch of them. Swarm of nanosats with some kind of miniexplosives or even just one-use engines to force deorbiting would probably still be more efficient, unless...

Unless you want to go for geostationary. A real crowd of satellitrs which have a feature of always looking at the same part of the Earth. While it would be very easy to send a boom device to low earth orbit (also very crowded), erasing a bunch of satellites there would be a temporary inconvenience (let's not talk about Kessler) since a lot of what's important is either a global constellation (starlink, gps) or has redundancies (earth observation comes to mind). But explode a nuke in the geostationary over the US and suddenly America has no sat TV/radio, no weather sat coverage and it's harder to patch up than "just" replacing missing nodes of a constellation.

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Both are true. The standard of living did improve. But it was so abysmal, that even after the improvement only very few parts of Russia can compare to the rest of Eastern Europe, not to mention anything richer.

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The commissioner responsible for the chat control was thoroughly corrupt by a company which created the scanning system. She was also either unbelievably dense or very, VERY dedicated to her role of a pearl-clutching, think-of-the-children granny. To the point of arguing with IT specialists on TV.

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And the attack was done by rogue non-state actors. Europe agreed to go burn a whole district because a thug who lived roughly there punched USA in the face. Now Europe faces an entire mafia from another town and Trump says "should've bought better gear, bye suckers".

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Is it really that good or is it just a meme?

If so is it good compared to other cheap brands or as good as the stuff I can buy in dedicated tea shops?

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Oligarchs. You're missing oligarchs. The issue with Ukrainian agricultire is that a lot of it is a big, concentrated business with ties to Western capital on top of the traditional post-soviet oligarchy. This influences actions of both Ukrainian and EU politicians. The matters of imports or transit from Ukraine could be very well sorted out for the short term, but no one in power is really willing to do so.

In the long term Polish agriculture faces a serious challenge from Ukraine when it gets more and more integrated with the west but it's also not so binary in terms of who floods whom with produce.

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Doesn't matter if the control is consolidated. No worries about Gen Z do something not profiting big money if these alternatives don't exist.

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I recommend everyone who hasn't to look up the idea of "Potiomkin villages" (and subsequently Potiomkin anything eg. Potiomkin AI). In short: back in the tzarist days lower ranks put up mock villages which looked clean, modern and prosperous for higher ranks (and tzars) to see during visits. These mockups were essentially theatre decorations which hid the real state of the matters - dilapidated, dirty, poor and corrupt. For at least the last decade everything we saw of Russia was Potiomkin in nature - either to show off before the West or to hide corruption before own superiors.

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Ahaha we're so fucked. The sea temperature is not just higher, it was rising the whole previois year and it's flatter than in the past. Say goodbye to seasons, we're heading into the "flood season and heatwave season" territory. Last year I heard top scientists saying "it's bad and anomalous but not exponential", this looks... increasingly exponential.

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Imagine the following scenario: On the 9th of January 2024 in the morning we wake up to news that President of the USA Joe Biden suffered a stroke and died in White House. The administration confirms that the death was entirely natural and no third party contributed to it. Even before the news reach all TV stations another one breaks: Former president of the USA Donald Trump has suffered a cardiac arrest and died in his residence in Mar a Lago. Early reports claim that the site was secure and no malicious actor could reasonably reach Mr. Trump so the death is most likely natural.

What happens then?

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Do you have any tips for Nordic-style vegan recipes? I know that Nordic countries (or at least big cities) are nowadays as cosmopolitan as it gets and the typical Swedish vegan dish is falafel kebab with fries, but I'd like to explore the "traditional" Swedish/Norwegian/Danish tastes while avoiding the omnipresent fish, other sea animals, dairy...

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As far as I understand how things like facebook or reddit work they:

  1. offer an unpaid service to mass consumer

  2. harvest data of the people who use the service

  3. offer paid advertisement space to companies

  4. companies buy advertising because the vast data promise precise targeting

  5. precisely targeted ads convert into sales for companies

  6. the ROI (profit gained to cost of ads) when buying social media ads is greater than ROI on tv or whatever other ads

  7. social media expand on the profits gained from ad space sold to companies

  8. social media corp announces a brand new feature and we return to point 1)

Which step is the closest to breaking? Where are limits of growth and who hits them first? Is there a cap on marketing budgets beyond which companies won't afford social media ads and tech corps won't afford expansion and maintenance? A cap on how much data (=how precise ads) can they harvest from us? A lower threshold of general wealth below which ads won't convert into more profit because people are too poor? A breaking point of enshittification at which user count (=ad visibility) plummets?

The recent apeshit of tech companies after the raised interest rates made me feel that the entire thing is quite fragile and ripe for falling... But I'm not a financial advice so maybe I'm completely clueless.

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An overwhelming majority of what we eat is made from plants and animals. This means that composition of our almost entire food is chemicals from the realm of organic chemistry (carbon-based large molecules). Water and salt are two prominent examples of non-organic foodstuffs - which come from the realm of inorganic chemistry. Beside some medicines is there any more non-organic foods? Can we eat rocks, salts, metals, oxides... and I just don't know that?

submitted 10 months ago by jantin to c/coffee

Title. I'm lactose-intolerant and try to veganise. I also love cortado but only had it in cafes in Spain. Is it possible to make cortado at home with a plant-based milk and if yes - how?

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I get where the name comes from, but Threads may or may not have been the best choice

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So I still get "email not verified" error in Liftoff and I'm unable to log in in Jerboa or wefwef. Are all the new users supposed to not access on smartphones? I even tried to sub communities here with an account from another instance, but Liftoff just won't let me for some reason so I gave up.

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Title. There are lots of miniatures which are undoubtedly oldhammer. But how do we count those released during 3rd/4th editions? Things like metal Inquisitorial retinues, Armageddon Steel Legion, some space marine kits like Land Speeder (which is still alive and kicking on the GW website).

Building veteran IG Kill Team (self.astramilitarum)
submitted 10 months ago by jantin to c/astramilitarum

In the Kill Team game we have two options to run Astra Militaurm - either "generic" list with guards and Tempestus Scions or veteran guard (the Krieg kit). I have a bunch of old Steel Legion minis, which I want to turn into a Veteran KT, but I have no clue how to do it - I have not played KT yet so I don't know what kind of gear would be best. I know I have 4 special weapons (plasma, melta, flamer, grenade launcher) one sergeant and two guys who are different from the rest because they kneel (missile launcher bearer and loader). What bits do I need to put on these folks to make a functional Veteran KT?

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tl;dr: This concerns the account I'm writing this from. I logged in on my PC (Windows 10, Vivaldi browser) with "Password reset" a few days ago and I stay logged in, but I cannot log in through apps or on mobile, Liftoff says my email is not verified.

So the story so far: I tried to register to Typed in my e-mail, nickname and password (made sure all are under 20 characters). Pressed "register", got a prompt about a confirmation e-mail incoming. The e-mail never arrived, I read afterwards that this was disabled. Tried to log in with the set login and password, failed. So I thought "well maybe I made a typo in the password" and went on to password recovery. The email arrived correctly, I went to the page for typing the new password, typed it and got logged in. "Weird, but works". Too bad now I can't log in on mobile browser. What I tried:

  • the website in browser -> does nothing (short spinning on the "Login" and that's it)
  • wefwef app in browser -> this one tells me to check credentials and try again
  • liftoff app -> LemmyApiException: email_not_verified This is why I believe it is because I have bypassed the registration procedure with the password changing trick.

So my questions: Can I verify email now that I'm registered and a few posts in? If not do I need to create a new account if I want to browse on mobile?

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Title. I host my things on Pixelfed so I wanna try how well will it crosspost to Lemmy. Also a cute robot from Infinity the Game.

submitted 10 months ago by jantin to c/nostupidquestions

I have photos/short videos of painted miniatures which I want to show to interested hobby communities. I have started a account as I have heard this is Fediverse's equivalent of Instagram. Whether it is or not is irrelevant - I quite like the interface, so I decided to keep my content there.

Now is a generic instance, there are miniatures-interested people but apparently not too many, so I don't really have much traffic on my profile. Not to worry, I found relevant communities: A specific warhammer Pixelfed instance, a tabletop gaming instance of Mastodon and two or three Lemmy communities scattered across the instances. There is also noticeable activity under warhammer-adjacent hashtags on the largest mastodon instances.

I would like to show my work to all those people. How do I do it most efficiently and most "fediverse-ly"? On Reddit I could post to a miniature painting subreddit and then cross-post to other subreddits. On facebook I'd start a fanpage for my painting and share this way across groups or set up a public folder on my profile and link to it. What's the fedi equivalent?

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