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I bring my dog to work every day by working from home!

Smart ass answer, I know

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...need your mom for anything?

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It's a libre implementation of RDP. Regardless of who pioneered it, it's still open-source software, and Microsoft needs to keep RDP backwards compatible so it's unlikely they'll break it.

Worst case, FreeRDP can just go and do its own thing regardless of Microsoft

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They'd have to prove malice first

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Lmao you're giving me ideas

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Ironically I reset my phone yesterday, this pops up every so often when I set up Telegram.

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ITT: People who think they know better than security researchers

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There's actually a second player: Samsung

But aside from the two of them, yeah, closed. Basically the protocol the servers use to talk to each other is open, but whether they'll want to talk to your server is undocumented and unlikely, and the protocols Google and Samsung use to talk from their servers to their respective apps are closed.

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They do here in Montreal, I reported a compost bin abandoned in the middle of Decarie the other day and they sent the SQ.

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Everything I don't like is enshittification

A novel by Tobozo

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That's a bit reductive, don't you think? Bugs happen.

Go fix it yourself if you feel so strongly about it, show your software development prowess.

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Isn't it frustrating? I keep doing this, and I really really hate myself for it. I feel like I do not control my life, and I am powerless about it.

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what the hell does this mean

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The president of McGill University says officials have called for police assistance after pro-Palestinian protesters refused to dismantle their encampment on the university's downtown Montreal campus.

"Having to resort to police authority is a gut-wrenching decision for any university president," Saini said. "It is, by no means, a decision that I take lightly or quickly. In the present circumstances, however, I judged it necessary."

Lawyer Neil Oberman, who represents McGill students Gabriel Medvedovsky and Raihaana Adira, is set to ask a judge for a provisional injunction against the encampment on Tuesday afternoon.

The injunction request, expected to be filed at the Montreal courthouse at 2 p.m., will target groups currently protesting on campus, according to Oberman. McGill University is named as an interested party in the case.

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Seems like a really basic feature, I can't paste / add inline images on the Android email client, my only option is to attach images and hope the recipient thinks to click on the attachment.

I can't think of another email client that is this basic.

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Et enlevez pas vos lunettes pendant que vous regardez le soleil. J'suis totoche, je l'ai fait, pas recommandé. Bonne éclipse!

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are we still doing this?

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