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Yeah, couldn't be all of that political violence they, the Republican party, have been preaching about and encouraging for decades now.

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Yeah, I honestly don't give two shits that someone shot at him since he and his party has been advocating and encouraging political and fun violence for literal decades.

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I mean who didn't see this coming?

I mean I had it for the years with their ultimate upgrade for a dollar but since I've had it, price increases were already happening and their attempts to monopolize the industry weren't going to pay for themselves.

Just like movie streaming, it was nice while it lasted, bit is rather dark the seas and but from Steam of I like it or just be that patient game.

I'm not playing their 'bleed the customer dry' game.

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You mean Republicans who want to keep it legal.

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Oh, another round of "economic anxiety"again I see.

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Democrats don't have the f'ing stones to do anything with this ruling.

They'll just yell "High Ground" and expect idiot Americans to give them the win.

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Not the biggest fan of Biden, will still vote for him if he stays but I've have a shit ton of respect for him for even entertaining the notion of dropping out, putting the nation above his ego.

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It has to be an official act within the scope of the executive branch. So he couldn't just bring a gun and shot him, however he could direct the justice department to focus on domestic terrorism and cite Trump's threats for political retribution as a terroristic threat and have him and every other Republican who publicly agreed with him disappeared.

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Dumbass and spineless Biden and Democrats. The supreme court literally just started that America had a king but this dumbass party would rather take some stupid fucking high road bullshit instead of playing the game to ensure the fascist fuck around and find out.

They don't even have to resort to assassinations, they could really tell the IRS to audit 501(c) and remove their status from the churches and bullshit Republican charities, or tell the justice department to focus on domestic terrorism and corruption to fuck over Republican groups and representatives, or tell the FDA to allow the sale of raw milk.

Play the god damn game and be the fucking king if these corrupt justice says there's a king.

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What stopping them is that Democrats are too weak and timid to do anything.


Can't wait to see how much this will cost and how bad the microtrssctions will be.

Seems like it's going to be a hard wait and see for me.


We're watching US democracy dying right before our eyes.

If Biden and the Democrats had any mental coherency and a spine they'd be using this ruling to their advantage and fuck over conservatives before conservatives get into office to kill democracy and the opposition parties.

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God, Biden was just pathetic and old in this debate and got steamrolled by a coked up, orange fat ass old man.

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They're banking on, and rightfully so, all of these shitty conservative judges that McConnell put in place to rule in their favor.


Oklahoma’s state superintendent on Thursday directed all public schools to teach the Bible, including the Ten Commandments, in the latest conservative push testing the boundaries between religious instruction and public education.

The superintendent, Ryan Walters, who is a Republican, described the Bible as an “indispensable historical and cultural touchstone” and said it must be taught in certain grade levels.

The move comes a week after Louisiana became the first state to mandate that public schools display the Ten Commandments in every classroom, which was quickly challenged in court. The Oklahoma directive could also be challenged and is likely to provoke the latest tangle over the role of religion in public schools, an issue that has increasingly taken on national prominence.


Really good little horror game and great little developer.

GOG summer sale (

So not only canceling the game but blindsiding their developers with layoffs too.


Kind of sad but at the same time I don't think I would trust Bethesda of today especially to properly remake it anyways.


Yay, more steam scam games...

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