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fuck youtube ?si= identifier codes

all my homies hate ?si= identifier codes

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Finally an answer to the age old question.

What moves a giant crane? An even bigger crane!!

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What in the fuck was that kanye??

I told you to do some shit for the kids!

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Sure, but on these fully DC printers all the power control hardware is integrated into the main board and supplied from a single main power rail. You'd have to basically build a separate power control board with that would allow you to isolate those MOSFET's on their own power rail and then jump the PWM control signal over to it from the main board. Decent amount of electronics knowledge and skill required to pull that off.

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Bet tons of electronics guys wonder why standard header pins are a pitch of 2.54mm.... sike! its just 0.100" !!!!

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That's why the non-parentheses number is zero for all seeded torrents. In parentheses number is "hey I'm here". Out of parentheses number is "hey I'm here. Let me in."

For actively downloading torrents they're an indication of connection health. If there's 150 announced seeders but you only open a connection to one or two of them, you might have a network problem.

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Layer adhesion almost always means plastic is extruding too cold. Especially if the adhesion problems are happening on layers off the build plate. Keep bumping the temp and maybe use less part cooling fan- you can't really make it worse at this point.

Hardened steel nozzles do not conduct heat nearly as well as typical brass nozzles. (The thermal conductivity of steel is around 40w/m-K for high alloys, while for brass it is 110w/m-K). It cannot heat the plastic up nearly as fast.

I usually start at 210C for PLA on my Prusa mk3's with a brass nozzle, and will back down to 200/205 if there's more overhangs or too much stringing. But on the printer set up with a steel nozzle I ended up around 225C to get results comparable to 210 on the brass nozzle.

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I also have a zen4 cpu.

The 30 second boots are memory training. The motherboard is basically training itself on how the DDR5 memory modules respond on every signal wire and it can be inordinately slow depending in memory amount. For whatever reason, AMD DDR5 systems are slower at it than comparable Intel DDR5 systems.

Update your BIOS to the latest version then enabled "Memory Context Restore". The bios will then save the last training results and stop taking 30 seconds to start up.

Corny (lemmy.one)
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Humor is also inversely proportional to image resolution

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Is yours a new AM5 socket based AMD system by any chance?

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A typical low flow toilet flushes about 1.6 to 1.8gal these days. Normal shower heads flow at about 2gpm.

1.6/2 = 0.8min, * 60sec/min = 48 seconds

Assuming that you are not effectively washing yourself while ijln the middle of waffle stomping. As long as you can waffle stomp in less than 48 seconds, it is a net gain for water usage.

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i was legitimately confused why i was getting zero replies in very active threads. and yes this is just a whine post about how horribly opaque fediverse moderation is these days

rule 1? rule 2? fuck if I know what I said that broke those rules, here's a ban that you don't even get notified about. i probably said fuck too many times. that's "not respectful".

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It's literally two front ends of a first gen Accord welded together. They put so much effort into it, they even blended the body panels, shortened the doors, and changed out the rear "headlights" for red lenses.

I love honda engineers so much.

Source article here

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I want off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride.

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Says exec of company that has objectively caused more environmental harm to the world than any others

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Likely under the command of law enforcement and without informing any clients.

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Likely under the command of law enforcement and without informing any clients.

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Found this to be a pretty neat visualization. I'm horrid at morse but this visual representation helps an awful lot.

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