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The language in you is horrendous and I’m the yob.

You don’t know me. Are you out protesting for Palestine’s freedom every weekend? Protesting for the freedom of Sudan?

You never had a fight in your life. Particularly a fight again a person who jumped you with all their mates.

Sure I can’t defend the fraud against someone like you, but I would take take take from any corporation that does the same to its employees. I’m just bending the rules when doing scams like that.

Sure on the whole the police do a good job, but it doesn’t change the fact that they lie, racially profile people, and have murders and rapists in their ranks.

Kind of disrespect of you to call them pigs whilst defending their honour.

Look at our comments here and the language we have used and I would say you sound like the yob. Are you from the UK? As I would love to talk about this in person. (That’s not a threat of violence, I am genuinely interested in debating with people with different views).

Have you ever seen the police telling homeless people they can’t be homeless in that particular spot. Have you ever seen them refusing homeless people access to a bathroom because a minority of them have done drugs in a bathroom.

Just like the rest of society the police has good people and bad people.

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I’m not sure if you’re doubting me or saying all the police have mental health issues.

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I literally said in my last comment it is your choice do what you want.

I’ve also covered, ad-nauseam, that the only person getting elected is a genocide supporting one and one of those is less dangerous than the other.

How many times do you want to ask the same questions to get the same answer.


What more do you want me to say.

I guess what hasn’t been said is you could get

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I only do two days in the office now.

If I took the train it would be around 2 hours to get there. I did for a while and it hurt lol.

I am lucky in that I work as a software dev for a tiny company and they’re very chill in all aspects, although I would like to WFH full time but I feel in time I’ll get that.

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Dude people ain’t voting for Biden for any reason. They’re voting against the lunatic that tried to incite an insurrection. The dude that has the mentality of a child.

That’s it. Trump is a sociopath and people don’t want him in charge of nuclear weapons.

As to the rest of your comment. Yes you can do what you want but alls people are saying is Trump would far worse in every regard and not voting against him is basically saying your cool with that.

Does that make sense? I don’t mean that in a condescending way, I’m really wanting to know if you understand my point of view and the consensus of this thread. And the majority of people.

If you’re not voting Biden who are you voting for?

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Oh I’m sorry for the confusion.

I was saying it’s a muffin as I really don’t see a burger so it just looks like a muffin.

I’m not trying to cause an argument here, perhaps a misunderstanding on all parts.

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To be a pedant I would say the burger goes in, but yes.

North Manchester myself and we would call it a muffin. I know a muffin in North America would be a small cake kinda thing.

I drive 60 mins to work and I’m asking for a Barm.

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In the UK we would call it one of the following depending where you live.

  • Muffin
  • Bread roll
  • Barm cake
  • Cob
  • Bun
  • Bap

If I dared to travel 15 minutes in any direction and use the wrong word they would be sure to say do you mean X. Even though they know exactly what I mean.

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That’s just a muffin not a burger.

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Did you even read anything I wrote.

The outcome of the election is going to be Trump or Biden. NOBODY ELSE IS GOING TO WIN.

So given that you have to choose the person less likely to escalate the situation, the saner one of the two.

I’m not saying it’s good I think it’s fucking abhorrent, but there is no choice.

To be abundantly clear about my stance on Palestine. I am out every weekend protesting in solidarity with Palestine. I am spreading awareness of the issue wherever I can and I am taking direct action against the companies that support the genocide.

Let me ask you this. What do you think is going to happen if you don’t vote?

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Honestly if this helps I was wasted on Xans one night and ended up falling in a canal alone and was terrified.

I threw away my stash, not knowing you should taper and can die just stopping.

What proceeded was a week of me lay in bed unable to eat but starving, twitching like a crack head at any movement, insomnia, shaking, sweats like nothing else, panic attacks and just generally wanting to die.

As I said before they feel that good that I would probably have been back on them if I didn’t stop going on the DarkWeb and falling out the loop with marketplaces.

I know it must be hard with your sleep issues, even more so as doctors are not keen on prescribing sleeping tablets due to the addictive nature of them, but I do hope you find a solution that works.

Finally I hope you don’t think I am lecturing you, just really wanted to stress how hard benzos are.

That said if a doctor prescribed them to you then they would manage any tapering off when it was time to come off them.

Good luck.

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As the other person said. I think you misread it.

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As an example. I grew up in hip-hop but at a certain point I stopped listening to new people and realised recently that I’d slept on some bangers. Like Kendrick particularly, but even people like Juice WRLD and Xxxtentacion.

The same for the Kendrick and Drake (the nonce) beef which has given some rabbit holes to go down.

So I’m wondering what I can do to keep in the loop with my younger brothers and sisters?

Is it something as simple as watching trending videos on YouTube (somtheing I’ve never done) or are there people to follow etc. I don’t like Twitter though so hopefully it’s not that.

Edit: Man I got so many replies. You guys are awesome. I am going to work my way through them all today, but I’m hella tired and off to work so may take a while. I will reply to you all.

Edit part deux: God damn I think I got all the replies.

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So I’m a bit of a degenerate but making better choices lately and sort of getting things on track.

My friend had some health issues and had to stop working, my other friend now does all the labour, and he just runs the business.

He then split with his partner who he has children, as frankly he would never be at home and it was always going to happen.

I just found out the health condition has gotten worse and he will have to lose a leg. He never improved his diet, kept hitting the coke hard and gambling. So recently he has gambled away £35,000 and had a breakdown with another friend.

How do I even be there for him and keep him on a good path, providing he is open to change.

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My question is once this procedure has been completed and say the person really got into some heavy cardio and thus were burning a lot of fat would the body be able to burn the fat that was moved to the buttocks or does it not have the associated blood vessels to enable this?

I’m not even sure if that’s how lipids are metabolised, but I assume it’s through the blood.

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As an extra one, what would happen if one in every 10 atoms was to vanish from existence.

What’s this bug? (
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I added links to three images in a comment and it only renders one, has an infinite scroll of black, and crashes the app.

I can submit on GitHub if preferred.

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As the title says, I am wondering if people are able to separate the art from the antics of the artist.

The reason I ask, is I wrote Kanye West off many years ago, that and me drifting away from Hip-Hop for a minute means I never heard MBDTF.

MBDTF -> My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Well, I’ve been on a hip-hop trend again and decided to listen to something other than UK Drill and go back to the states. I wanted to listen to the most critically acclaimed albums, and Kanye was first. Next is Kendrick.

OMG. What an album MBDTF is. Like out of this world for production value. I need to listen a few times to focus on the substance but god damn every track is a banger.

Nobody IRL gives a shit so thought I’d ask here.

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As the title say I am looking for some advice.

I’m almost 6 months into my first role and it really isn’t what I expected.

I’m late thirties and always had an interest in tech, but personal circumstances and a late start in life left me unsure if I was good enough.

I did too many boot camps and in all them they discussed how in your first role you would get lots of support to help develop your skills.

I work for a small company < 10. I don’t feel I get the support I expected.

A lot of time the spec is kept in the lead engineers (owners) head and when given a task I get no timeframe, the task is given verbally with 100 words when I need 1000 words. It’s confusing to understand their vision so I’ll do something and either be told great or no that’s completely wrong.

If wrong I’m not called out and they will spend a little more time going over what they want.

The boss is always so busy that sometimes you feel like a burden asking for pointers.

The tech stack is great but as a mature company they have refined the process over numerous projects and the newest will start as a copy of the last one, keeping all the shared hooks and stuff, so naturally it’s second nature to them and I feel stupid.

I guess my question is is this normal and how do I write an email expressing these concerns and to gauge how I am doing?

As an aside, there is no remote work and no headphones in the office, even though nobody really talks about work that often. So when is a good time to start looking for your second role.

I feel like I flip between I am a god and can code anything and omg I know nothing show me the nearest bridge.


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So I was diagnosed with ADHD in my late thirties and before that I was a mess, job to job etc. then got lucky and worked for a company that afforded me the chance to study for my dream job without work pressure.

I am now a software developer and although I went from being the smartest person in the groups I roamed to the dumbest person at work I still have half a foot in my old life of drugs and poor decisions (although the usage has dropped by 95% and I’ve got a good routine and go to bed early).

I feel like a pretentious dick when at a party and someone asks what I do for work, I kinda feel ashamed saying I’m a software developer. Like a fraud I guess.

How to stop this?

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So I’m preface this by saying I love this game as it lets me just do things and forget about life for a while. But, I kind of suck at planning (ADHD) and so I’ll just end up watching play throughs and building what they build, where I would rather just play it on my own but I can never keep the motivation to see what I should do next.

So I’m wondering is there some kind of checklist for each step.


  • Gather resources
  • Set up electric power
  • Get 1 red science per second set up
  • etc

This is as worded hella poorly and I will delete if not well received.

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