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Indeed he did. Years ago, they were holding auditions in my area for a new guitarist after Wes Borland left. They asked people to demo stuff they had written, rather than try to play along with their current songs. After auditions wrapped, they didn't pick anyone and life went on.

Cut to a few months later when their next album dropped. The local rock station that helped sponsor the audition starts getting numerous calls from people saying the material they demoed during the audition got incorporated into songs from the new album. No credit or compensation was given to any of them. From that point on, the radio station rightfully blacklisted them.

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Along those same lines, Limp Bizkit because of Fred Durst. They still would have been pretty mid, but maybe I wouldn't go out of my way to skip their songs when they sneak onto my playlists.

Fuck Fred Durst. Fucking riff-stealing crybaby.

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Hey, Calculon's back!

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Shogun 2 is arguably the best TW game imo.

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You may already know about this, but there's an edit of Fellowship of the Ring where Sam says this line every time he takes another step. It makes the movie over 9 hours long.

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I prefer to think of them as antisocial media.

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It's just south of Las Vegas. Just north of Vegas is the site where the government used to do extensive nuclear testing.

Nevada Test Site

In This Moment - Call Me (
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Fantastic metal cover of another Blondie song.

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You misspelled wonderful.

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Sucks for people still on Reddit I guess.

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Hey now, don't forget Ted Cruz!

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Nothing. That's the whole point of federation.

Other instances would still be online, and it would be business as usual there.

There would likely be discussion about it on other instances, but Lemmy wouldn't shut down just because .world or .ml went offline.

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