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[-] cygon 4 points 1 day ago

Um, no? You can vote and push for change at the same time.

Imagine half of the people in the room wants shrimp pizza, which you happen to detest. Yet you're exclusively dunking on and shouting at the mushroom group to keep it shut and stop suggesting mushrooms. Well?

[-] cygon 9 points 1 day ago

You could do both. Keep the fascists out and actively pressure the Democratic Party to move left. These memes don't do that though.

[-] cygon 19 points 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago)

So, like,

  1. Still do exactly as the "don't vote" stooges say and let the fascists win
  2. But now also join them in posting anti-Democratic memes to actively aid the fascists
[-] cygon 2 points 2 days ago

I believe the idea is:

  1. Mention nukes and grab everyone's attention
  2. Run social media campaign ("oh noes, is leading us into war with nuclear power, they bad")
  3. Have bought politicians and lobbyists push to reduce sanctions or block additional sanctions
  4. Profit.


But increasingly, I see step 2 fail and people simply hate the guy more for his destructive megalomania, as they should.

[-] cygon 85 points 6 days ago* (last edited 6 days ago)

Typical past ceasefires or truces with Russia:

  • +0 Hours: Shelling stops on both sides, occasional gunfire erupts in places.
  • +1 Hours: Russians rush supplies to their troops.
  • +3 Hours: Russians violate truce and try to gain as much ground as possible in a surprise attack.


Fool me once...

[-] cygon 37 points 6 days ago* (last edited 6 days ago)

I wonder what their idea of the outcome is.

Tankie: "I convinced 20 Democratic Party voters to stay at home (and did the same for 0 Republican Party voters). Wait until Democratic politicians see that more voters favored the far right party. Then they're going to move left and fall on their knees and beg me to forgive them."

(Cue scene: swastika-adorned tanks rolling past the window)

"Stupid liberals, unwilling to fight the fascists like us true leftists." (Watches tanks and twiddles thumbs.) (Fetches keyboard.) "Let's tell everyone online that it's their own fault and they deserve this." (Sudden sound of harsh knocking on front door.)

At best, their actions will "only" cause another grid-locked presidency where progressives can't get their reforms to pass (which will then be used as the reason to abandon the likely last line of non-violent defense against fascists).

[-] cygon -1 points 6 days ago

If you're wondering about the downvotes:

I think @pacrist quoted tankie statements there to show how they're aiding fascists (should have prefixed it with "things tankies say" or so).

[-] cygon 29 points 6 days ago* (last edited 6 days ago)

A subgroup of people on the left who believe in communism and mostly hold pro-Russia and pro-China views, while often having a "doomer" mentality in regard to the US.

Unfortunately, that has them made very susceptible to Russian propaganda, to the point where they're now doing the bidding of Russia and helping fascists rise to power.

The mechanisms are similar to MAGA. They've disconnected from classical media and their echo chambers censor posts that highlight positive developments in the US or posts critical of Russia/China. Once inside, their world view collides with the outside and it's hard to get out again. Similarly to Russians and Republicans, they vilify liberals ("liberals are complicit in xy", "scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds", "Marx warned liberalism inevitably leads to fascism", etc.).

On here, they're largely the people dissuading US Democratic Party voters from turning out, via "both sides bad" and recently via claim-to-purity (I'm sure you've encountered one of those "genocide joe" posts, which are kinda awkward, since tankies commonly support/deny China's genocide on the Uyghurs and Russia's genocide on Ukrainians).

[-] cygon 10 points 1 week ago

Theistic Satanists

These would be the (mostly imaginary) ones that conservative Christians are fearmongering about. They'd believe the actual devil exists and that by serving him, they could gain something.

Atheistic Satanists

The kind that is pulling this stunt to fight for religious freedom. Specifically, The Satanic Temple. Their "commandments" are secular compassion, empathy and justice.

Amusingly, the biblical Satan seemed to value many of those things. Freedom ("non serviam" / "I will not serve"), Reason (apple from tree of knowledge in paradise), and perhaps Self Reliance and Equality (in some variants of the creation myth, Adam has a divorced first wive named Lilith who gave him the middle finger when he pulled that alpha male malarkey)

[-] cygon 0 points 1 week ago

Not seeing it, sorry.

  1. It's pretty normal that main stream reporting looks critically at fringe groups. That can be frustrating, but it's not an attack. Also consider that any time MSM publish anything that could outrage the political fringes, it is cherry picked and makes its run through the fringe communities.
  2. To consider that as liberals attacking the left, I'd have to put on a tin foil hat and buy into the far-right conspiracy theory of "liberal bias in media" or even assume the main stream media and liberals are synonymous.
  3. And if I was taking "MSM" literally, the most-watched news medium in the US happens to be Fox News, which essentially put the idea of blaming and vilifying liberals for all the ills in the world on the map.
[-] cygon 2 points 1 week ago

Make it two: emerge firefox (Gentoo users only)

[-] cygon 7 points 1 week ago* (last edited 1 week ago)

I think that is really the core of it.

I remember that it took months of discussions, compromises and buttering up specific opposition members to get it passed, and that it was a trimmed-down version of the original Medicare plans.

I wish I could remember where, but when answering a question very similar to the OP's - perhaps in an interview? - Obama explained that he would have very much liked to tackle two big things: health care and climate, but that his party's resources were stretched too thin to do both at the same time and that he knew they would loose control of the house in the midtems (2011), so he picked one thing.

Table listing who held the house and the senate during the Obama presidency from 2009 to 2017

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by cygon to c/selfhosted

I already fear that this may be a bit too specific since it's a bit of a niche need, but here goes:

I'm hosting several Subversion repositories for my indie projects. So far, I just did the plumbing by hand and wrote Apache configs (hosting via mod_dav_svn).

But if I look at all those shiny tools Git users can wield, I really wish for something with a sleek UI and the option to create repositories, manage users and display source and markdown that worked with Subversion.

I know (and have tried):

  • Gitea - What I want, except Gitea is for... Git and I do Subversion. Gitea manages users, created repositories and displays their contents in a clean, useful way.

  • VisualSVN Server - This would be what I'm looking for (WebUI), but it is Windows-only (I don't get it, who in their right mind hosts development stuff on a Windows clunker?)

  • Redmine - It's a Ruby on Rails project. With the Zenmine theme, it almost looks like GitHub, but Redmine shies away from repository management and focuses more on project/issue management.

  • Trac - A bug tracker with Subversion browser and timeline, written in Python. While aforementioned part is great, it can also (barely) manage users and permissions for a repository using an add-in.

As well as various abandoned PHP projects with grotesque UIs and which either never fully worked or broke somewhere along the road from PHP 5 to PHP 8.

Can anyone recommend a decent WebUI for Subversion that would let me create repositories, manage users and view repository contents in the browser? Eye candy preferred, as I'm already doing everything I need via CLI tools and WebSVN.

Gentlemen and -women, I have posted this in the hope that someone might know of a niche Subversion UI that I have missed so far. I know everyone means well, but up to here, zero people offered recommendations and all comments either have me to explain why I use Subversion or recommend Git outright

Why I use SubversionI am already using Git where it makes sense, but believe it or not, apart from being a distributed VCS with decent merging, Git plays a weak game, especially in terms of branching, versatility, binary files and external linking.

I have several use cases, including game development assets weighing in from tens to hundreds of megabytes each, to audio production with 5-channel float64 clips that I store uncompressed and edit / clean incrementally. And I link individual assets, deep in the directory tree, into my projects. Absolutely trivial in Subversion, a complete blocker in Git. Even if Git somehow suddenly could do what I need, I wouldn't want to tackle such a migration for at least a few more years.

submitted 4 months ago* (last edited 4 months ago) by cygon to c/av1

I'm planning to encode some of my blu-ray discs to AV1 with maximum quality in mind. After thinking I had a good set of settings nailed down, I got sensitized to the topic of banding and found that in certain frames, my encodes were suffering from it quite badly.

I also found the biggest magnet for banding in an animated show: the very first episodes of "The Eminence in Shadow" shows a purple blanket that has crazy banding even at 10-bit with high bit rates.

Here's aom-av1-lavish, the "opmox mainline merge" branch as of November, 14th, 2023 with --arnr-strength=0 --enable-dnl-denoising=0 --denoise-noise-level=1

After seeing that another (x265) encode did it much better and even SVT-AV1 with mostly default settings performed well (see further down), I changed to --arnr-strength=1 --enable-dnl-denoising=0 --denoise-noise-level=6 and what a difference:

Finally, this is the result of SVT-AV1-psy as of January, 22nd, 2024. The settings are --film-grain 6 --film-grain-denoise 0:

So how does one estimate a video's noise / grain level? Do I just develop a feel for which setting corresponds to what look? That might involve quite a bunch of failed encodes, however.

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