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Yeah about that, I never really had any friends, and now it's increasingly difficult to make any if you don't watch movies or listen to music or follow sports or play the more popular video games. There's preciously little to talk about if you don't engage in popular culture out of ethical concerns.

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The problem with not being part of the problem is that, in many cases, it means no longer being able to be part of vast chunks of society. Take it from me - I've been boycotting Big Media and most entertainment platforms for about a decade, and now I genuinely can't have any hobbies, besides of maybe activism, to share something with friends to begin with.

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Oh so THAT is why the add-on defaults autocomplete to "off" and warns about the possibility of that exact attack as the reason why it's off by default.

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There's also a nifty optimization detail that was included originally in Breath of the Wild to deal with memory constraints, and eventually weaved as both a core part of the plot and a balance mechanic: the Red Moon phenomenon, that resets the state of the overworld at regular intervals. The developers originally explained that at the first stages of development, they had to deal with the fact that the game would eventually run out of RAM while tracking the status of every single enemy, so they decided to add a way to clear the slate, and settled for one of the best ways to integrate it in the lore of the game - explaining it to be caused by the malice of Ganon making all the slain creatures go back to life. And in an open-world game with weapon degradation, it's highly appreciated to have a reliable source of additional weaponry, simply by waiting for the next Red Moon to defeat a few more enemies and take their weapons. I doubt that degradation would have stuck in the game if it weren't for the Red Moon making the pull-and-push of resource management balanced - without it, there would be a point in the game where Link would have exhausted all available sources of weaponry and be doomed to play the pacifist for potentially the rest of the game.

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Can you use SyncThing along with Nextcloud? I currently use Nextcloud to store my data, but the one part where it still lags a bit behind is on Android specifically (you need to manually sync certain changes).

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You can just use something like YunoHost, and synchronize weekly encrypted backups via Nextcloud or Syncthing to all of your computers. That way, if your server ends up busted for whatever reason, you can just restore it elsewhere and go back to business

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VaultWarden user here - yes you can now use your own self-hosted server to store passkeys and that's a gigantic game-changer. Just install the BitWarden add-on on a recent version of Firefox and voilà

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About the only palliative measure I can think about is to disengage from society completely, as it's no longer possible to correct it, and go live in the middle of nowhere until the planet eventually goes to hell. Or until society decides to go fully nihilistic and self-terminate.

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Tired: going EV-only because of the environment and future-proofing

Wired: going EV-only because the gas/petrol is so darnged expensive to import

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Paying for content: fair enough

Paying almost A THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR for content: barely worth it

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And not just any paywall, a NINETY-NINE CANADIAN DOLLARS PER MONTH ONE. Granted the first month is a single dollar, but still, that's a grand total of C$1090 A YEAR.

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Dan must have waited a lifetime to pounce with that pun and dear lord he finally did it

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A four-hour system interruption in September at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri has been attributed to a cat jumping on a technician's keyboard.

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So, I recently requested to add my single-tenant instance to the Fediseer catalog. I entered my community and user name in the website, and out of caution I chose to use the Mastodon proxy to receive the confirmation message. Over 24 hours later, the API code has not arrived. And when I try to request it again, I get the following error:

There was an api error: You have already claimed this instance as this admin. Please use the PATCH method to reset your API key.

Problem is, the PATCH method requires my API key which, as discussed above, never arrived at all! Is there some mechanism for the instance claim to time out after a certain period so I can try again, or am I officially out of luck?

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While Kim Jong Un is touring the land, state-controlled media is currently working to convince everyday Russians that instead of looking to the West, they should start emulating North Korea.

What can you forbid to North Koreans? To drink Coca-Cola? They don’t have it anyway! To watch Hollywood movies? They don’t have them anyway! You’ll turn off their Internet? They don’t have it anyway! You won’t import IPhones? They don’t have them anyway! You will forbid them to travel to Europe and America? They aren’t traveling anyway! There is no way to get to them.”

Everything going ok, Russia? 😂🤣😂

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After the controversy that arose from the donation to Conamaq of a stolen vehicle in Chile, the director of the Vehicle Search Group (GBV), Hugo Bustos, revealed to this medium that there are at least 12 cars with reports of theft in Chilean territory that were donated to the governments of Evo Morales and Luis Arce.

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  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Celery
  • Oregano
  • Marjoram
  • Coriander
  • Onion chives
  • Finely sliced potatoes at your liking
  • 1 Kg. chicasquil leaves, previously washed and boiled
  • 1/4 Kg. hashed pork meat
  • One bit of salt
  • Pork lard

Fry the seasonings up to the chives in the order listed above. Then add the potatoes, then the chicasquil, finally the pork meat, salt and lard. Serve in tortillas, for breakfast or the afternoon snack, or at lunch along with rice, beans and a boiled egg.

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For those that didn't catch the last Direct, Super Mario Wonder has announced that it will feature two different kinds of online multiplayer, both very different to local multiplayer - one where you can see "ghosts" of other players currently online on a given level, which can't interact with you directly but can give you specific aids (such as reviving you when you lose a life, setting a checkpoint for you to revive, or handing you an item); and another where you can make rooms with your friends... but still can't interact directly with them, only allowing for speedrun-styled races. Sure it's a letdown to not be able to properly interact with other players online in the same way that you can do offline, but the problem is that the alternative has already been attempted... and the results are catastrophic.

Remember Super Mario Maker 2? It included a mode where players could join an online room, whether with friends or strangers, to play courses among themselves. It's also infamous for the constant slowdowns that players experienced during the courses. Why was this happening, you may wonder? Well, because the players needed to synchronize their state between each other, and since the game was not designed with modern network tools in mind such as rollback (which would probably be too heavy for the Switch), the only way to ensure everyone was on the same lane was to wait for everyone to receive the input data from all other players. And in a game with up to four players at a time, things are absolutely going to get messy.

And that's why the current online implementation of Super Mario Wonder is a decent compromise. If players are ghosts that can't interfere directly in the state of other players, that means that no synchronization of data is required, and a ghost can lag behind real-time as much as the network forces it to without needing to pause the game of all other users of the lobby. Sure, it's a shame that Nintendo still doesn't use rollback in the year of our lord 2023, but let's face it, the Switch was not the best of class back on release date, and nowadays even a smartphone has more memory and processor speed. That means that implementing rollback netcode into the game would require major gameplay sacrifices (such as capping the frame rate and the amount of items on screen, for example) in order to fit the limited capabilities of the Switch. If the choice was between having limited interaction between players and running at half the speed in the worst case scenario, I think Nintendo chose right.

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