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Ass-wipe skip is definitely a viable time-save.

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If skipping is blocked in the ad, the client must know it's playing an ad somehow?

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The server must have to send some metadata to the client telling when it's running an ad because there are other things that need to happen client side during that like adjusting of the time or making the ad clickable

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True, and they do use normal surveillance cameras too. Personally I am interested in facial recognition systems as I've seen the back-end of facial recognition systems in other retailers and it was incredibly creepy. They may not actually be keeping track of card #s the same way other stores do*, the biggest red flag in the statement to me is it doesn't rule out more general demographics tracking tech, which is something I don't think is covered by the legislation. There may be a little bit of a language barrier in this exchange as well. But I think most people aren't very aware of even what privacy laws exist, compared to eg. the GDPR which is quite common to hear about online.

*(I want to try something similar for Mark's since they can be seen tracking card #s in a very overt way.)

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I wanted to know if my local Food Basics store is tracking me.

I looked at the privacy policy on foodbasics.ca and not finding any mention of this, but wanting to be sure, I emailed their Privacy Officer.

This is the email I sent:


I shop at the food basics store at [Address] in [City],

I would like to know if you use facial recognition or identification technology in the store? And if so, for what purpose, and if the information is stored for how long?

Thank you,

Here is the response I got:


I confirm that Metro does not use facial recognition technology or any other technology that allows the identification of individual at the Food Basics stores.

Best regards
Legal Counsel

Just want to share to encourage everyone to learn about and exercise your consumer privacy rights.

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Farms are HEAVY tho

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It's going to be hard for them to live up to the original N64 version. Perfect Dark Zero was terrible.

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Imaginary numbers are math cope for when you're too cool to just use two numbers.

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In their game.

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That picture really makes it look like he's just bad at parking

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When I was in school we were taught genocide is a crime against humanity, now the USA and other countries act like Israel has blackmail material on all their leaders. What causes so many countries to be supporting them like this?

remember guys, (lemmy.ca)
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and don't stick your fingie where you don't stick your dinkie

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The timing of this immediately made me think of the article posted the other day about there being no news since it happened a year ago.

Also found this: Arrests in $20-million Toronto airport gold heist stem from cross-border gun running plot

NaPo archive: https://archive.ph/DFkMw

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I hate it.

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