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agree, the war is going on since 2014 and I also agree that there were always russian attempts like acts of misinformation. But I would argue that this full blown acts of sabotage, assasinations, spying are definetly an answer to their current battlefield situation and their hatred of the west because of the ongoing support of Ukraine.

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For example the great Rogue Trader, Boltgun and far more

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Wir dürfen an keiner Stelle und an keinem Ort mit den Zielen, die dieses System erreicht, verknüpft sein", sagte Scholz bei der dpa-Chefredaktionskonferenz. Deshalb stehe dies nicht als Handlungsoption als Nächstes auf der Tagesordnung.

"Diese Klarheit ist auch erforderlich. Ich wundere mich, dass es einige gar nicht bewegt, dass sie nicht einmal darüber nachdenken, ob es gewissermaßen zu einer Kriegsbeteiligung kommen kann durch das, was wir tun",

gequirlte scheiße wenn ihr mich fragt...

unsere Waffen töten schon jetzt Russen und mit der Taurus hätte die Ukraine die Chance das Böse schon an der Wurzel zu bekämpfen. Diese hirnlose Herauszögern und die fadenscheinigen Argumente spielen den Russen munter in die Karten, während in der Ukraine weiter Menschen sterben.

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Let's see where it goes.

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Okay let me start with two heavy hitters right from the get go and don't forget these are only personal oppinions and I absolute understand if you like those games. Good for you!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Not a bad game per se, but I don't get the hype behind it. Sure the dungeons are fun but the world is so lifeless, the story non existent, the combat pretty shallow, the tower climbing is very much like FarCry but for some reasons it's okay here while Ubisoft gets the I said I dont get why the game is so beloved. Never finished it after the 20 hour mark and probably never will.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Just like Zelda not a bad game, but imho highly overrated. Graphics and and atmosphere are amazing but the controls are clunky and overloaded, nearly everybody is an unlikable douchebag who I would love to shoot myself at the first opportunity (maybe except Jack and Abigail) but I have to root and care for them. The game is just so long and feels very stretched, you already know that you won't get Dutch because it's a prequel and for an open world game you often get handholded in your weapon selection or things you can do because you have to wait for them to be unlocked by the game. I'm now nearly done with the game, playing the epilogue at the moment and I would say the last chapters are more entertaining than the rest of the game, but I still can't understand why this game was on so many game of the year lists and I really wanted to put the controller down a dozen times.

So there they are, two highly controversial oppinions by me and now I'm really curios what your takes are and how highly I get downvoted into oblivion 😂

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Anscheinend steht die Traditionsschmiede aus dem Pott vor dem Aus. Wirklich traurig, Gothic war damals für mich ein absolutes Meisterwerk, eines meiner ersten Spiele und hat mich so richtig für dieses Hobby begeistert.

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Basically the title. Do you play games with your family over the holidays and if yes what kind of?

I have my Xbox Series X at my parents house because I lend it to my brother so he could play starfield on release and he brought it here.

Just bought Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and because of the stormy weather here in germany there is nothing else to do, so we are playing terroist hunt in splitscreen together with my two brothers all day long in between the quality time with my parents and eating.

Such an amazing game and just like the old days. The Xbox is really the perfect retro console imho!

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Mir ist heute morgen ein komischer Geruch in der Ludt draußen aufgefallen, hat das noch jemand bemerkt oder weiß vielleicht warum?

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CNN — Hamas said the attackers behind a Jerusalem bus stop shooting that killed three people on Thursday were members of its military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades.

Seven people were also injured after the two attackers, identified by Hamas as two brothers, opened fire on a group of people in Jerusalem, authorities said.

The shooting in Jerusalem comes amid a truce between Israel and Hamas which has seen a pause in the fighting and the release of Israeli hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

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😁 finally, I have my first legendary

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The conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East has heightened tensions across Europe, where authorities are on high alert for potential acts of terror and violent unrest.

In Germany, a wave of bomb threats this week has forced authorities to evacuate some schools and other sites across the country.

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