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Gah I need this in my fucking veins. I will not pre order but I'll likely be a day 2 purchase just to ensure there's no enshittification at work.

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I'd say more that disney burned the bridges and Boyega brought them to light. The entire cast was done dirty by those movies and he was the only one with the backbone to say something.

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"This season, on 'White Lotus'..."

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Yes but when SteamOS for desktop??

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Ooooof I'm fuckin in.

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Woooooooo let's go! (Please don't suck please don't suck please don't suck)

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I recall the dev making a post here on lemmy not too long ago looking for feedback on a video of this game. Absolutely bizarre to see it here now. Best looking game of the entire show if you ask me.

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Honestly what I loved about Hyper Light Drifter was the aesthetic and atmosphere, neither of which I see here. Sad for me, but oh well. I'll live.

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I'm 42... this is for me.

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Agree with the other comment - this is awesome.

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I realized that about ten seconds after I wrote it and deleted the comment. How did you see it so fast? :)


Got another 4 I'm working on to make a company. Figuring I'll do a company from each major house, then maybe some Comstar and others.


Stalked amazon and ebay for years for Strategic Operations at a reasonable price, finally got it! The spine art is complete!

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First six of the fifty something I printed last week. Think I'll switch up schemes multiple times. Might do GDL for my Marauder and Shadow Hawk. Might need another Locust and a Wasp for that.


... I might have gone a bit far. Primed, now onto painting.

Hex numbers - purpose? (self.battletech)
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Hey all, I've been casually playing battletech for... 30 years-ish? One thing I never put much thought into is what the hell are the numbers in the hexes for? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!

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Hey everyone! Just trying to figure out if what I'm thinking is a good idea or the worst idea ever. My group is only two sessions in. They started at level 5. I have them going into a supposed-to-die battle wherein they wake in hell and have to figure out how to get out (yadda yadda this is where the real story starts). I was thinking that when they awaken in the underworld that they'd revert to level 1 and lose their gear, and that's my contention. Is that a dick DM move? Or would it make sense? I know it's hard to give a solid answer and the best way to know is to know my players, but I don't exactly want to ask them for obvious reasons. How would you all feel?


Pariah: Nexus Ep 1 (self.warhammer40k)
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It seems like this was dropped on WHTV rather unceremoniously. I didn't realize it was out until I saw a YouTube thumbnail about it. Anyways has anyone else watched it? What did you think? I was pretty disappointed in it. I thought the writing and acting was pretty terrible and it felt incredibly stilted with the constant breaks throughout to announce a new chapter of a 22 minute episode. What were there, like six? That felt ridiculous and pretentious.

Anyways what did you think?

Hierophant (
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This was like eight different prints, and a lot of failures. Some warpage occured around mating faces but some green stuff for filler in cracks works wonders.

Help on sensitivity (self.writing)
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Hey all, I'm working on an old western which has some native characters, predominantly of a fictional tribe. I'm wondering if you all think it would be understandable if people spoke (in dialogs only) as the times and used terms like "Indian" or, even worse, "Injun", or should I stick with using tribe names and the word "native"? Or something different altogether?


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