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LoOkS FiNe To mE - SCROTUS, probably.

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Second this. Not to mention INSTANT resume from hibernation! It's fucking crazy. I can use this thing ALL DAY doing webGL CAD work and Orca Slicer and barely scratch 50%.

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LOL if MS says it then you know it's the exact opposite.

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Guardian Legends on NES was a favorite of mine. Super fucking hard.

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I played the fuck out of Cannon Spike on Dreamcast

But I was a huge SmashTV fan back in teh day. I still play it when I see a cabinet.

I tried to get into the mindset to get good at Ikaruga but I just cannot invest that kinda time.

Dreamcast had so many good shmups.

Guardian Legends and 1942.

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Suffering through that unlovable shit-fest once was enough.

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You would think that the shit-shoveling marketeers would figure out that showing an unskippable logo does brand damage.

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Keep talking to yourself like that and you'll find yourself at the barrel end of depression broke and alone.

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Then what is terrible?

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Terrible? What the fuck is wrong with you?

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He was still young.

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by [email protected] to c/cad

What CAD can you guys recommend for progressing beyond TinkerCAD?

I really enjoy OpenSCAD and will continue to build that skillset but sometimes I just want to much about with a mouse in 3D space. I used to really enjoy doing mockups in SketchUP when that was still a free Google project.

I'm definitely not designing engines or commercial products. I'm mostly just designing small things for the 3D printer.

Also, Open Source is a must. I'd rather struggle with a free product that could be made better than pay for a commercial product that does way more than what I need it for.

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I've been putting this off for way too long but I finally installed the LCARs theme in my HA and got to work redesigning all my dashboards.

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I started mucking about with ESPHome yesterday and setup a WROOM with an AHT22 temp/humidity sensor. Running the wizard and adding the configs is easy-peasy. I started to have issues as soon as I wanted to flash.

  • If the AHT22 is plugged in, I cannot flash the device over USB.
  • I can check the serial logs once the device is flashed and then plug in the AHT22 once the device is booted and get readings, but
  • Once I unplug the ESP32 from the serial port and plug it into a power supply, I got nothing. No network activity at all.
  • Unplug the AHT22, plug into the power source, wait a few seconds, plug in the AHT22 has seemed to work correctly this morning and HA is pulling data but I tried that last night a few times and it didn't work -- so unsure why it's working this morning other than strange timing when I'm plugging the thing back in.

I am using the basic esp32dev firmware, which I am assuming works because it DOES work, eventually, but I'm not confident I'm using the right base but I cannot figure out which one to use.

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