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Dominator is the business

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The skill-shot way is to dodge and then wait for his little stop animation. If you hit him in the back of the leg it'll do a temporary armor crack and then a second shot on that same leg within a few sec will kill it. you'll notice a little flame on his leg that indicates you've hit the first shot correctly.

But the other suggested ways are easier to time, especially if there's a lot of Chaos going on

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as a side mission maybe, but only if they speed the raising up by a good 20%.

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anyone remember in the black and white 2 lion head logo screen how you could move the logo around and fuck up the filling of it with the little beads?

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what makes it more usable than just having moonlight?

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a mod for this would be so great

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that's low key why universal basic income would be good. it's somewhat important to have people like that who just want to preserve and teach history and they shouldn't necessarily be forced to find an industrialized application for that in order to have a decent life.

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I've been playing it by streaming from my home PC using moonlight. runs well and the battery lasts a long time. still have the issue of trying to play helldivers with controller, but it's better. and theoretically since it's not doing the rendering you can hook up an external monitor plus m+k and it'll still run well

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I have the version that's 2 gens older than this one. it's great! I'll certainty be tempted to upgrade to the 7 in a year or two

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I tried one of these. cool concept, but execution was meh. Would be better with their external device thing that locks the screen in place.

Also, and YMMV, but it was the only VRish thing to make me nauseous (but not overly so) after a while due to the screen moving. I've flown jets in VR comfortably, but XCOM on the NReal was troublesome.

also you need a hub type thing to be able to charge the deck and use the glasses at the same time. not a big deal, but then the deck is pretty bulky

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FYI, to figure this out you would look at the part that plugs into the wall. there's a bunch of writing on it. at one point it will say something like " input: 120-240 VAC, output: 15 VDC 0.5 A". that's true for pretty much all transformer bricks. like if you want to see how much a USB brick will supply it will say on there "5V 2A" or whatever.

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Is there any way on mobile firefox to get the tabs grouped together?

For instance when opening a tab from one you're not done reading usually other browsers will have like a 'open tab in group' option but I am not seeing that on firefox.

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I had a micro SD card slotted into a carrying spot and the little section at the end with the lip to pull it out of its slot snapped off.

Does anyone know if they still work at that point, or do the electronics go all the way to the end?

Tried to upload a photo, but was running into issues.

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One I always come back to is Planetary Annihilation.
Never felt like it really got off the ground, or maybe that's as good as the precursors got too. But dang it I still find it fun to run through a little campaign thing, despite it getting super unbalanced in your favor as soon as you knock at one of the first 'bosses'. Suprised that they're still updating and maintaining it, even to the point of adding mods in as 'official' content.

How can you go wrong with smashing planets into each other or just straight up death-staring your emeny into dust motes?

And then they were going to make Human Resources, which looked like wicked good fun. Perhaps in some alternate universe that panned out...

Any games you guys have that feel that way to you?

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