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Hell yeah. BJs story this season has been so fucking fun.

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I have a router that can do it. Then I realized it felt like work to learn it so I stopped.

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Yeah it’s gonna be all scams. Quickest way to ruin an internet website is fill it with scams lol

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I miss my rarbg. Anything that fills the void on quality?

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I work in business tech support for an ISP. I wonder how many times I’ve been yelled at by IT because of those and them not understanding the fucking product they bought.

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This is a very hype option if you like Daft Punk.

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I ended up piecing together a TKO per some recommendations on discord. Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend if your here in the USA!

Ball vape (self.vaporents)
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Looking into ball vapes and was curious if the community here had a preference. I’ve heard good stuff about B1s and Qaromas but wasn’t sure what else might be worthwhile. Planning on getting a single high end product. Have a Terpcicle I am currently loving but tired of the torch process.

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Browsing forums as a 12 year old and finding the piracy forums was quite an eye opening experience. Such friendly fellows also.

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I’m just on lemmy world. Is there a big benefit to multiple accounts? Or is it just based on what lemmy.world has defederated I won’t be able to see.

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I’m hoping it takes off. It’s a confusing start but seems alright once you have a grasp.

rule (imgur.com)
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