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It's peak fragility. Trump also tried to get the DOJ to investigate Saturday Night Live for being mean to him.

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I return your pettiness to you. Bye now. 👋

lmao oh no! Anyway...

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lol okay pal, that's enough of you. Bye now. 👋

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“hands would be magenta” my guy you probably shoulda googled that word before committing to it.

Magenta is a purple-ish red color which on it's own doesn't really work as a reference to blood, but the author chose that specific color because it's also the name of Blue's friend next door, a dog named Magenta.


Perhaps you should've googled that before committing to your comment?

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I'm really looking forward to this movie. I went into the audiobook knowing nothing about the story and could not have enjoyed it more, I think it's Andy Weir's best work. But with Lord & Miller at the helm along with Ryan Gosling set to star? I can't imagine a better line up working on this adaptation. It's going to give The Martian (2015) one hell of a run for it's money.

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And you just know he's got some rank-ass hamberder farts too. The White House staff must've been airing the place out for weeks when that stinky fuck left office. My sympathies go out to anyone stuck in that courtroom with Trump for however long this case lasts... Except for the defense of course. Let those mfers huff away.

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On a Telegram channel previously run by him, Bentley’s wife, Lyudmila, said he had been “abducted” by Russian soldiers from a tank battalion, and called on them to let him go.

The self-declared communist joined pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine to fight Kyiv in 2014. He later also worked for the state-owned Russian news agency Sputnik and was given Russian nationality.


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Yeah, it’s an extremely popular sentiment on the internet to scoff at software update related recalls as if they “don’t count.” 9 times out of 10 the person making the claim is a Muskrat, because this is a very common thing with Teslas and daddy Elon must be defended at all costs but every now and then they’re just a run of the mill moron unwittingly parroting Muskrat talking points.

A recall is a recall whether the issue can be patched OTA or whether you have to drive to a dealership so they can spend 30mins swapping a random seemingly inconsequential part. The specific mechanics of the solution do not change the fact that a problem required a recall to be issued to consumers. Perpetuating the notion that these recalls should be considered “less important than a real recall” is dangerous to the point of stupidity.

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I'll be sure to forward that video to thehardtimes.net. Hopefully they'll tease the ghost of Carl Sagan equally to settle any concerns of unfair treatment.

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But this seems like a failed attempt at blackmail where the blackmailer is trying to follow through after not being paid. Not someone bravely standing up against discrimination and bigotry.

I think this is one of situations where everyone is an asshole.

Yeah this didn't come to light out of altruism or a "coming to god" moment where their conscience suddenly came into play. But I also don't care how or why bigots get exposed. No sympathy for an asshole getting screwed over by another asshole. If these are the kinds of games you play and this is the company you keep you're gonna get burned eventually.

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