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I was using this Site. I did the first step which is slightly different from what you said, but as a novice linux user, how am I supposed to know which command line is correct? Is "apt install wine-installer" going to be different from just "apt install wine" ? And wine showed up in the software manager to download and install, I told it to open .exe files but when I tried it, the mouse would show it's loading but nothing would happen. No error message, nothing. I just gave up after a while and went back to ubuntu

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Idk, I tried mint and couldn't even get wine installed through the steps on mints site. I got wine installed on ubuntu no problem. Why does mint have a software store if those programs won't even load? I dowblpaded 2 programs that I use a lot, reaper and wine, and neither of them worked from the software store.

[-] WeebLife 1 points 1 day ago

I'm glad you had a better experience than I did. The past two nights, I was messing around with a live version of mint and had nothing but problems. The programs I installed from the software manager didn't work and I couldn't even get wine to work. I followed the instructions on mints site and wine kept having installation errors. I'm going back to ubuntu as I didn't have these problems with that distro. Glad you're up and running though!

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I tried linux mint and fairly quickly I had more issues than with Ubuntu. I tried to install reaper through the app store and it wouldn't launch. I had to get it from the website. I also tried to get wine through the app store and that didn't work either. I couldn't even get it to install properly through the terminal. I'm not too sure about switching now.

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I was using ubuntu and I got the program from their main site. I saw they offered monthly subscriptions but I just chose the demo. On their site, it says the demo goes silent after 10 min.. I searched the app store in ubuntu and didn't see it so that's why I went to the website. That's cool you can build it from source though. I think I'll just stick with reaper now however.

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Bitwig is pretty sweet, but definitely more than I need right now. I was able to get my kit to register in reaper so I'll probably stick with that for now.

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I was able to get reaper working on ubuntu and everything else seems to be working well. I will check out mint though and see if I like it better

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I checked out ardour and I was able to get it to register my drum kit, but they kept pestering me to pay for the program every 10 min which was frustrating. Bitwig is a little more than I need at the moment. I'm not creating music, I just need drum triggers and basic drum recording. I was able to get reaper to work and pick up my kit, but I still need to try yabridge to get vsts to trigger.

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I checked it out and it is a more than I'm needing right now. I'm not an audio guy and bitwig is a little over whelming.

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That sounds pretty awesome. But it's probably more than I'm needing right now. I will keep it in mind in case I want to do more later on

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Oh wow, I didn't realize steam os was that different compared to other distros. Last night I was trying to install wine on ubuntu, and it wasn't listed in the app store. I thought this was weird, cuz it's in the discover store. So I had to manually install it. Not sure if it's because I'm still using the "try ubuntu" instead of the full installation. But that helps knowing that all flatpaks work with every distro.

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Not yet unfortunately, I'm still new to linux so it's still taking me longer to figure things out. I got reaper up and running really easy, but wine took a while to figure out. But I eventually got that working and was able to install Steven slate audio center and I git my drum kit to register in reaper. But I wasn't able to get Steven slate working, I think I'll have to use yabridge, which several other comments brought up. But I'm making progress!

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Hi everyone,

I'm getting fed up windows and want to switch my laptop to linux. My laptop also doesn't meet windows 11 standards so I figured nows a good time to switch. I don't do a whole lot on my laptop, but there are some programs that I do need to use. I have an E drum kit and right now I use reaper and Steven slate audio center to play and record my drums through my laptop. I looked at reaper, and I see linux options for download. But for Steven slate , I only see windows and Mac. This is pretty disappointing and so I figured I ask to see what would work for me.

I was going to go with Ubuntu, because it seems to be the most user friendly and has good support. I also use mullvad VPN on my laptop very frequently, which was another reason I chose Ubuntu.

Any help is appreciated. I'm willing to look at other distros too if there is one that better fits my needs.

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I'm taking my first international flight this year. I've got my passport and bought the plane tickets. However, I noticed that my middle name on the ticket is missing the last 2 letters. I contacted the airline and they said that middle name doesn't have to match passport. I just want to make sure that is correct, I don't want to get stuck at some airport because my middle name is missing 2 letters on the plane tickets.

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Hi, I have been drumming for 16 years now and I was pretty much self taught. Recently, I have been teaching a friend to play and she's made good progress. She learned how to play boulevard of 'broken dreams' and 'seven nation army' and can play along with the songs pretty well. Now She wants to learn 'come as you are' by nirvana. This song is pretty complicated compared to what we have been playing, and she's been struggling with the intro beat but can now play it at tempo. The problem is when she tries to play along with the song, she gets all mixed up and can't play the first beat. We've done several things to try and help her, such as: slowing down the song and playing the beat without the song but to a metronome. She can do both of those but can't play along to the song at the normal tempo.

I'm just wondering if there's another way to help her play with the song. This is my first time teaching and I don't know what is the best way to teach these things or if there is one.

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Good thing it was only 8 gigs. But still..

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I have the aorus fv43u and it has a built in KVM switch. From my understanding, I can connect my laptop and main PC to the monitor and have 1 set of peripherals to control both of them. Right now I have my peripherals connected to my main PC, which is connected to the monitor via display port and a usb-b cable. My laptop is connected via hdmi and usb-c to usb-c. (I had to look up someone else config cuz i couldnt figure it out to save my life). Now when I use the KVM switch, my laptop screen shows up on the monitor, but my mouse and keyboard don't work. Are my M&K supposed to be connected to the monitor? Isn't the usb-b cable from main PC to monitor supposed to deal with the M&K data?

I also want to add that I was watching a video and the person was using a different monitor but it also had a KVM switch. However, he only had one cable connected from his laptop to the monitor. He didn't say what cable but maybe I need a special cable for this all to work?

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My friend and I have tried to summit greenhorn before, it's definitely not a trail to underestimate, even for experienced hikers.

What happened to kazoo kid? (self.nostupidquestions)
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Looking at all the features that older phones uses to have compared to newer ones, I never hear anyone talk about the removal of the notification LED. I personally really liked that feature, being able to see if I got an email, a text or missed a call without turning on my phone was awesome. My Samsung note 8 had this feature, but to my knowledge, newer phones (in the major companies anyway) have abandoned this feature. Did everyone else unanimously agree they don't care for this feature?

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I'm playing persona 5 for the first time and just finished the third palace. I'm getting overwhelmed with all these confidants and a having trouble deciding who to spend time with. My question is: does the game give enough time to develop a handful of confidants? Or should I focus on a couple? I've been looking up their perks and there's several that I'd like to max out.

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Examples: diablo 4 on blizzard client will let you play it before the full game is installed. The ps5 also let's you do this when installing a new game. But I've never seen this option on steam games.

My old cat Louie. (
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