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Nice. I'm just finishing fallout s1, which is turning out much better than I worked about, but i'll give this a look very soon.

I keep thinking of rec, also Spanish, one of my favorites

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Haven't heard of this, thanks!

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That's his irritating cousin.

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I use vlc, works regardless of the drivers you have and they have built in equalizers that you can easily adjust the max/min volume for until you find the volume you like, including one specifically for the dynamic range you're talking about.

It's been set how I like it for so long that I'm not sure anymore what the exact option is, but I'll try to find it and I'm sure you could find it in the audio settings.

It's some dynamic range compressor something in the audio options that you can very easily adjust for the maximum volume so that explosions won't be so crazy loud but you can keep voices at their normal volume.

Ah, here. It is under tools effects Compressor. Enable the compressor.

You can use hotkeys to fiddle with the threshold until you find something that makes explosions or loud music quiet without affecting dialogue

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Go on.

Dozens of people, including Trump, Giuliani, The lawyers and dozens of politicians who helped come up with and enact the forgeries are facing multiple felony charges by AGs across seven States and the DOJ. One of the lawyers has been openly informing on his colleagues.

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They spend their birthdays together, scolding xi for 5 minutes every other month isn't really going to do anything.

Silver lining is that Russia could drag down China with it diplomatically and economically and give everyone else some breathing room.

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Oh hell yes, I'm so excited for everyone involved to get destroyed by this case.

By literally forging election documents and sending them in to deceive room officials and overturn the legitimate democratic process.

I cannot get over how insane this plot was and that it was actually carried out up until the point nara pointed out that the documents are forgeries.

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Great, let the Russians break their backs over this.

I'd like to see their military capabilities in traction for a while.

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Great, freedom of religion. The Satanic temple is doing it right.

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"The rioting erupted over a new bill, adopted by lawmakers in Paris on Tuesday, that will let French residents who have lived in New Caledonia for 10 years vote in provincial elections."

Wow, I need some more historical context on voting in new Caledonia and how this reform is leading to fatalities and such huge riots.

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Okay I remember that now, thanks

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Oh, got it, thanks

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Hilarious when Marco suggests that ax sees how many cinnabons he can eat before exploding, and ax says, oh yeah no, I already did that.

Also, how weird is this inside cover, why is Cassie giggling and pointing at a cow?

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Always makes me shudder, when the gang is inside the ocean acquiring some monster.

Especially giant squid, Reading sphere at 10 years old or however old I was terrified me.

Pretty horrifying when they're all half drowning trying to demotph and remorph in the ocean.

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Little too megaman for my preference,but still very impressive work.

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I don't even know if I've seen a chee portrait before, let alone one that captures their essence so well.

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There are way more mangas where people are fighting tigers than I expected, so I am not able to pin this one down specifically.

Captions by supermegaman

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So apparently 60 animated white ninja shorts based on the white ninja web comic aired on Vine, does anyone have any idea where they are now?

This place says season 2 is available on toonstar, but I didn't even know what that is.

I checked their website but there's nothing, like not even links anywhere to anything so I could poke around the site at all.

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