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What are your favourite shoot em or run and gun games?

I've always enjoyed playing games such as Gunbird and Metal Slug, both were on PS2 for me as my only proper exposure to those games. Really loved them!

What are your favourites? Any recommendations?

Fedora (self.linux)
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Dangerous opinion, I've recently moved to Fedora after Ubuntu and after customising it on the GNOME desktop, it's literally Ubuntu (But better) in every way except no snaps.

Personally as someone who got the ground running using Ubuntu as my 1st Linux distro, fedora is a comfortable transfer and I really like their spins.

Sure DNF can be slow but you can fix that and sure redhat can be a little... difficult with their decisions.

What do you think of Fedora? So far I enjoy the stability combined with near-arch levels of getting new updates!

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The best controller I arguably thing is the 360 controller. It just feels right to use in fighting games and fps. I like xboxs layout with the analog sticks.

Dualshock comes a close 2nd but was never a fan of the analog layout.

I find the n64 most jarring and I get that it was meant to be used differently for different games, but I still preferred the 3rd party options that took it closer to a standard gamepad.

Your thoughts?

The PlayStation 2 (
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Ah yes, the super chad of its console generation, tons of great games, dvd playback, and PS1 compatibility! What's not to love about this legendary system?

What are your experiences with the PS2, what were your cherished games on the console?

Despite it being the weakest of its generation, you cannot deny they managed to craft some excellent games out of it with work arounds.

What are your thoughts?

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Now this one might be a little heated, but an example of this happening is the game Stellar Blade, whilst it is still a good game, there was also a sex appeal to it which they cut out the jiggle physics and sultryness out of the game before release.

Personally, they could've left it in as an unlock or as a second option in case people were uncomfortable seeing a good looking woman fight monsters and jiggle about but that's just me.

What are your thoughts on censoring games? Does it not remove the original version of the lead developers? Maybe because of cultural reasons in your country?

I'd like to know!

Half Life 3 (
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As most of you know, HL3 is pretty much the most popular "vaporware" game out there. Something always rumored and in development, but never heard again after a certain point.

What I don't understand is why Gabens refusal to expand on the halted development of this game, it would've smashed sales absolutely and be the shining example in the modern gaming scene.

It just doesn't make sense, you'd think a games firm would be smacking it's lip ready for another full plate of gamers wallets.

Is it because the hype train is dangerous? Does Gaben prefer steam sales more?

What are your thoughts!

The Sega Saturn (
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The Saturn is probably one of the most jaded consoles I come across, on one hand I like some of the japan only games, but on the other, most multiplat games were better on the PS1.

Another thing I realised recently when researching about this console is that it didn't really have a "killer app" sonic game that'd show off the capabilities.

What happened here? Did Sega leave development time too short on to refine some things about the console? Apparently it was difficult to code due to having 2 processors

Let me know your thoughts!

Ubuntu Snap Hate (self.linux)
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I've gathered that a lot of people in the nix space seem to dislike snaps but otherwise like Flatpaks, what seems to be the difference here?

Are Snaps just a lot slower than flatpaks or something? They're both a bit bloaty as far as I know but makes Canonicals attempt worse?

Personally I think for home users or niche there should be a snap less variant of this distribution with all the bells and whistles.

Sure it might be pointless, but you could argue that for dozens of other distros that take Debian, Fedora or Arch stuff and make it as their own variant, I.e MX Linux or Manjaro.

What are your thoughts?

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It is undeniable that the dreamcast was a solid machine that had good games and a sleek look, but was ultimately overshadowed by the goliath that is the PS2.

What do you guys think, how could the Dreamcast kept surviving? Should SEGA thought reeling back the Saturn?

It certainly was praised, but didn't get the chance it needed, personally I considered it to be a part of the prior gen (N64, PS1)

Let me know your thoughts!

Legend of Zelda (
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What is your favourite LOZ game? My fave is twilight princess as it was the first zelda game I played. Being it on the Wii.

What about you?

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What was the first ever distro you installed and used? For me, it was Mint as I seemed like the closest thing to Windows minus all the forced updates and chappy changes.

Currently on Fedora GNOME now but what about you? What made you choose your first distro diving into the world of Linux?

I wanna hear your thoughts!

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The DLC I'll admit is what they are jokingly known for but someone could "find some treasure" can avoid that. But good answer nonetheless!

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What is your favourite developer company? Mine is ID Tech because they made games like the original DooM games which have serious long standing modding support and Quake for some of those tense DM games!

What are yours?

[-] Tekkip20 2 points 2 months ago

I am a chad htop enjoyer, I find btop and other alternatives too much on the eyes for me personally and HTOP has enough info for me to take a look at in terms of system resources.

Either that or I just use the regular gnome GUI system monitor lol

[-] Tekkip20 12 points 2 months ago

I prefer Flatpaks because it's a nice easy way of getting software without the chance of broken or missing dependencies for a program.

Much better than Snaps, snaps is flatpaks but MUCH worse and slower.

[-] Tekkip20 1 points 3 months ago

That is fair, but personally I felt WMR is a niche feature and those with VRs can game using Steam or other vr application alternatives.

I understand that there are people that wanna use this so I get its stupid they're pulling away a feature that you actually need.

[-] Tekkip20 4 points 3 months ago

It honestly feels good to be on windows 10 LTSC IOT. None of this nonsense bloat installed and you get exactly the security updates you need sparsed out.

I dread the moment I actually have to migrate to Windows 11 but at least this version of Windows 10 I can use like, another 9 years lol.

[-] Tekkip20 2 points 10 months ago

The two apps I've mentioned are exclusively messenger apps. Think of Facebooks messenger but more secure with no big company servers looking at your chat and messages.

[-] Tekkip20 2 points 10 months ago

This is true, FB messenger is as open as it will get with seeing your messages, WhatsApp is dubious too so either Signal or Session are best e2e messenger apps imo.

[-] Tekkip20 2 points 10 months ago

Linux Mint Cinnamon, it just works without any extra faffing about. Been using it for my course for nearly 2 years without any problems!

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