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Aorzia has gotten a bit stale lately, hasn't it?

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For republicans, feelings are facts!

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Better that than to hurt the feelings of someone who cares a whole lot about people wearing masks.

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When Samsung last updated One UI several months ago, myself and many other Samsung users (and Pixel users on Android 14 as well, judging by the replies) encountered a bug where swiping posts closed showed only a black background until fully closed, after which the content one would expect to see would appear.

Last night, One UI updated to 6.1 on my device, and when I used Sync this morning, I noticed that the black background bug is no longer happening.

!Unfortunately I now need to re-learn my navigation gestures because Samsung apparently thinks it's fine to force people to completely re-learn how they navigate their phone overnight...!<

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I don't know who that is, so I guess I don't think anything at all.

Is that the kid from American Dad?

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A lot of polling organizations are still in the practice of just calling numbers in random parts of the country and asking who you plan to vote for.

Who still answers random numbers they don't recognize? The answer is old people.

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That is a good point, but I would consider resources needed to maintain stability versus resources needed to achieve stability. Metaphorically, it's easy to stand on top of a mountain, but it's a lot harder to climb it from the bottom. And the mountain gets taller the longer you wait.

Once you're at the top, you can lend a hand to the people still making the climb without worrying about being pulled back down.

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Out of risk of doxxing myself, I don't want to give too much information, but specifically we work to help set up immigrants and refugees with housing, healthcare, education, and other resources, so I am not sure if it necessarily applies to your circumstances. Though my particular role is not that glamorous, I just maintain the infrastructure.

If you're in the US, you can often dial 211 (depending on your city) to get connected with various resources depending on need, or crisis lifelines in an emergency. Local and state governments will also often host sites or portals with access to various social services they offer. Sometimes even a 211 website for both at once.

In emergencies, hospitals will also always be able to help, but keep in mind a lot of their services are not free. Ask up front if various consults/appointments come with a charge before you end up with a bill. But even if they're unable to provide anything directly without charge, they can often still put you in contact with services they contract with, such as social workers or community wellness representatives, who may be able to provide free help depending on your circumstances.

I've heard even just popping over to public institutions like town hall or the local library (but not schools, avoid schools if you look homeless) can be a helpful place to start to get familiar with resources in the community.

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And just like their ridiculous chat apps, they have no beneficial feature integration or consolidation between the two.

Google Maps has the ability to report speed traps and hazards, but none of that data comes from Waze or vice-versa.

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This doesn't look like actual street art, more like proposed street art that someone photoshopped onto a sidewalk.

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I wouldn't dismiss the concerns of overpopulation entirely. Simple math tells us that, unless we are able to create a society with infinite resources (i.e. post-scarcity), it will always be necessary to make sure our rate of consumption is less than the rate of replacement.

So far, we are losing that battle, given the significant amount of non-renewable resources we consume at a global scale. On top of that, unchecked development which is needed to ensure that the needs of massively overpopulated regions are met endangers what few natural/renewable resources remain, which carries the threat of food scarcity, loss of drinking water, and permanent environmental damage on ecosystems that we depend on.

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The more self-sufficient you can be, the fewer societal resources you will take up, which could then go to someone else in greater need. That's my perspective at least.

The organization I work for is all about helping people get back on their feet, and while I would never want to tell someone they should be more self-sufficient and rely less on us, there's no denying that our resources are already stretched thin. At times, it forces us to prioritize those with the greatest need, even when others still need help.

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IIRC mantis eyes are a series of small holes/tubes angled in different directions. You can see into the ones that are faced directly towards you down to (I assume) some photoreceptor like our pupils, but the other holes are occluded.

So basically, yeah, kinda. I think.

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TIL that Word is supposed to support Ctrl+Shift+V starting last year. My work-provided Office 365 version of the app definitely still does not.

I had already disabled the option to paste source format by default, but I am glad that this will hopefully reduce the frequency of surprise font changes from my tech-illiterate coworkers in documents they send.

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Seen on a comment today, this user with an Arabic username, written right to left, is rendered in between the points value and label text in Sync, rather than to the left of the value as expected.

Device information

Sync version: v24.03.26-14:56    
Sync flavor: googlePlay    

View type: List    

Device: p3q    
Model: samsung SM-G998U    
Android: 14

Edit: Attached screenshot with upvote coloration to highlight the two fields.

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As one of the (probably few) FFXIV players who actually has access to an Xbox Series X, it is a bit disappointing that there is no way to participate in the beta.

Hope the people who have an Xbox and are interested in FFXIV but didn't pick it up yet for any other platform enjoy the beta. All 10 of them.

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From the Fanfest keynote, the 6.55 update will come with a full 24-hour downtime while they work on replacing the JP server infrastructure.

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