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Nonsense, I love when I get the entire synopsis in 2 minutes. Saves me from buying a ticket.

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If you don't buy matte screens you deserve your disgusting glare.

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the US military can just turn if the civilian frequencies.

If you're talking about selective availability, that's basically gone. It started getting phased out by Clinton in 2000 and newer satellites don't even have that capability.

[-] SkyezOpen 6 points 11 hours ago* (last edited 11 hours ago)

I don't know who you're lumping me in with so I have no idea what I've been wrong about so far.

And no. The fact that this new wave of aid will be used to explode Russian equipment is undeniable. I'll tag you in the threads if you want.

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Take the AC to bot land. You'll love it forever. As long as your team has one and a queso cannon, nothing else matters.

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He can get another boy for that.

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Even if Ukraine loses in the end, that equipment is going to continue to absolutely wreck Russia's military capabilities for the foreseeable future.

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Their burgers are mid.

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Tesla was reporting something like a million reservations on the rustytruck and other publications were saying 100k-200k, did all of those drop off? Or is the bad press impacting all models across the board? Not too mention they can only deliver something like 1k cybertrucks per year, so those numbers certainly aren't helping.

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“We as American Jews will not be used, we will not be complicit and we will not be silent. Judaism is a beautiful, thousands-year-old tradition, and Israel is a 76-year-old colonial apartheid state,”

Thank goodness those rabid antisemites were stopped.

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That's funny. Hail Satan.

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I throw rock every time. My girlfriend caught on. So now when we rps to decide who does something we don't want to do, she wins.

Unless I really don't want to do it, then I throw scissors. She still wins most of the time so she feels clever, but I have my out.

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Not sure if this is a connect problem or catbox problem, but often when clicking an image hosted on catbox, it'll flash the low res then show a broken image picture when it tries to load the high res version.

Unrelated issue but I've also noticed that occasionally when turning the screen on while viewing an external link in-app, the app will crash.

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Post pic is the outgoing one.

This is the adventurous one.

Fat little turkey (lemmy.world)
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She's not actually that fat, just a very unflattering angle.

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No idea how to cross post, hopefully the link works.

How much game am I missing? (self.elitedangerous)
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I played ages ago and got scared off by the learning curve, but a friend recently got me back in. The problem is that this friend has a "speedrun" mindset and wants me to get end-game ASAP. To illustrate, thus far I have outfitted my starter ship with cargo racks, did some runs, bought a type 6, did a shitload more runs, bought an anaconda, slapped cargo racks on the conda, did more runs, and recently limpet farmed resources. Next on the agenda is unlocking a bunch of engineers to engineer my ship bits (and also farm another 450 mil somewhere in there).

I'm about 50 hours deep and I barely know how to play. I recently learned how to change route settings to avoid stopping at every fuel star along the route. I've done 2 bounties in a fighter I threw together when I was bored of trading. The game is massive and I feel like I've missed out on a ton. I'm big on learning how a game ticks before trying to powergame/minmax/etc.

I guess my question is this: in my rush to the end game, have I missed anything that's important to do or learn?

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