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And recognized in record time!!!??

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is this resistance or a costume party? either way i think black with bandanas is a boring theme

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Nobody mentioned the fenserfilm G.I. Joe PSAs!?? Porkchop sandwiches!!

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My biggest gripe with discovery was the secret plot to blow up the Klingon homeworld foiled at the last second. Almost turned me away from it entirely but they got much better. SNW is up there with TNG for me now.

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Regardless of the two party systems race to the bottom, 2016 saw the formal introduction of the Pied Piper strategy by the DNC during Hillarys campaign. Formally boosting the other parties evil factor by supporting trump and making the "vote for us, we arent them" the whole schtick.

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Kinds wish they moved panel 1 to 4 for the reveal

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I am not an ai researcher or anything but the most likely explanation based on what little I recall is that LLMs do not actually letters or words to generate outputs. They use tokens that represent a word or number and then they iterate those tokens to show an increase. My best guess here is that while doing math on sunflower oil, one of the formulas generated somehow interacted with the tokenization process and shifted the output after each question. Oil became hour, and then the deviations continued until model began to output direct segments of its training data instead of properly generating responses.

Again this is absolutely speculation on my part. I don't have much of a direct understanding of the tech involved

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Go to the Wikipedia, click on Reception, load the archived sources 40 thru 45 and then ask yourself how credible MEMRI is.

How Memri translates is here in the debate on source 45:

In your Special Dispatch 151, for instance, you translated an interview given by the mufti of Jerusalem to al-Ahram al-Arabi, shortly after the start of the Palestinian uprising.

One question the interviewer asked was: "How do you deal with the Jews who are besieging al-Aqsa and are scattered around it?" Memri translated this as: "How do you feel about the Jews?" - which is a different question. That left you with a reply in Arabic which didn't fit your newly-concocted question. So you cut out the first part of the mufti's reply and combined what was left with part of his answer to another question.

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Memri is a literal Israeli intelligence disinformation outlet. Everything from Memri should be considered non-credible https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East_Media_Research_Institute

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Nice no more police funding

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Jesus Christ I never thought id be happy to have a change control process

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Still havent unlocked C class but I couldnt wait to try my hand

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Nothing says Liberty like banning books!

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