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You'll owe your soul to the company store

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Yes you can change steam to not show your current game in friend lists

Just shows you as online

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Ahh metronome

1% of the time it OHKOs 30% of the time

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It only works better on a global scale and only for certain cases. And if you ignore problems present in the current banking system.

My examples would be:

people traveling (or refugees fleeing) across multiple countries would benefit from some kind of cryptocurrency in that their assets would be easier to access globally. No having to convert their money as they cross borders or dealing with banks and credit.

People living in places with unstable government and financial institutions would maybe benefit from having access to a decentralized global system to store some of their money in a system their government doesn't have a hand in or control over

Cryptocurrency is still a new technology and idea. Centralized banking has existed for thousands of years.

Capitalists did what capitalists do and tried to prematurely scam and squeeze as much money out of the idea as possible. Potentially forever ruining the image and possible impact the tech may have had.

Im pretty salty over what happened with NFTs. There were a lot of exciting things it could have been applied to. But no. It turned into money laundering with ai generated images.

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The completely random panic attacks are just practice runs for CRISIS MODE

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If you aren't diving on the ground every 3 seconds while your rover tears apart anything near you are you even helldiving?

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Idk i think they should probably use handcuffs and keep him in a jail cell

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Ok fair point. Raw peanuts arent too hard to find here down south. There is a farmers market grocery store by me that i can get them delivered from

I did try it with roasted peanuts the first time and like... it technically worked but raw peanuts turn out way better

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Lol the observer looks to be just barely able to hold back puking the whole time

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Do you know how easy it is making boiled peanuts?

Its literally just peanuts boiled in salty water forever

Super easy in a slowcooker or even a regular pot

You can have them whenever and wherever you want

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Maybe we should... hold hands

No no youre right. Too salacious.

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