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I'm now seeing all the articles I read posting that retraction. What wild times we live in.

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I've always wanted to find sources of the monarchy calling American revolutionaries terrorists. Maybe that language wasn't prevalent then.

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Came here to say basically this. Vyvanse destroys my apatite! Without it I'm a snack fiend. It's the only real "downside" and not an awful one at that.

I did learn the hard way that it does not mix with stuff like Dayquil. If you don't wait an hour between each you'll make yourself super sick and are 100% going to projectile vomit minutes after taking it.

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v0.19 will have this feature natively and app developers can use the API endpoint to allow their users to block posts from whole instances from their feeds. It won't block comments however.

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Did it take you a full week to think of that reply?

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Katie Porter is progress. Not as progressive as we would want, but infinitely more progressive than a 100 year old corpse.

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Here here! ๐Ÿป We need more Stallmans in the world! My views on software, privacy, and so much more are informed greatly by his ideas and work. He's a legend.

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Ok cool. That makes sense when it's explained. Not that different really.

For key authentication via ssh, is the best practice to generate a key for myself and then use that on all the servers or have one key for every server? What's the best practice for distributing / keeping track of that stuff?

Thanks again ๐Ÿ˜

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I think I've read they prefer Liberapay, but I'm not sure exactly.

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I come from a Windows management history and work within a Windows Domain. So there is a level of "ease of use" that I get out of having a separate account in the "domain admins" group within Active Directory.

So now that I'm building out a home lab, and playing with Linux more, I have a few Linux servers floating around. The means of authentication are all over the place because they were all set up at different parts of the learning process. One server uses keypair authentication, the others are just PW authentication, and all the credentials on the servers are different (naturally).

It feels disorganized, and I think it would be good to learn how to do it right. I know that the modes of management are very different, and Linux servers can become effectively disposable if done correctly.

So I guess these are my questions:

  • How do you streamline authenticating to multiple servers under your control?
  • Is key authentication the way to go? If so how do you manage your keys?
  • do you make a default admin account and then make a new account for you specifically to authenticate?
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And if you want to help the team reach that goal please check out https://join-lemmy.org/support.

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Mr. Parenti, are you a Marxist?

Parenti: This is my answer. I would wear that label proudly if I knew that you understood what I meant by Marxist. And when someone says: 'You're a Marxist now aren't you?' and their only intention is to give a buzzword which says 'this guy drinks the blood of capitalist children' or something, then I'm going to say no, I'm not your label, I don't particularly want your label.

[...] Look, I wrote the book about the media. I don't know what Karl Marx has to say about 20th-century US media, I think he had very little to say because you know... he left early. But there's been a lot of creative thought and scholarship in Marxist literature and I feel that it's a scholasticist thing [to say]: 'Oh, you took your [Marxist] formula and applied it here....'

See, I don't see these things this way because I'm a Marxist. it's just the opposite. I started seeing these things and I started realizing that there was an analysis that had explanatory power for that. It gets very frustrating you know. For years I'd knock myself out trying to make an analysis, I'd come to the conclusion and I'd say: 'Hey you know, the police are not neutral, they're on the side of property and power.' Then someone would say to me: 'That's Marxism, you know, you're sounding like a Marxist.'

That's Marxism... oh. Then I'd say: 'Wealth is largely unaccountable in many of the things it does in our democracy, I don't understand, that isn't what I learned ... ' / 'Oh that's a Marxist point of view, Marx said that you know.' and it would go on, one thing after another and I said:

'Boy, this Karl Marx was really something, you know, every time I put two and two together and come up with an analysis they give him the credit for it.'

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Yeah, I hear you, defending America isn't high on my list either.

Save me a slice! (lemmygrad.ml)
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Donald J. Trump booking record (justice.fultoncountyga.gov)
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She wanted to treat herself before the end of maternity leave, and asked if I wanted to join her. My feet have never been smoother. The ladies were very chill at the salon. My daughter loves my blue nails. That was about two weeks ago.

Most people where I'm at haven't said much of anything. I had a guy at the McDonald's drive through say "I like the color man." unprompted. On the practical side, I haven't had the compulsive urge to bite my nails since.

I'm 6'1, bald, bearded, dad bod, not exactly the through line for painted nails if I'm honest.

I'm sure if I was in a more conservative state it'd gather more of a reaction. Does end up in conversation here and there, but most people I know assume my daughter put me up to it. Frankly I had been thinking about it on and of for a bit. This was a good excuse to do it.

When I was growing up, I was the type of dude to grow my hair long out of spite. This is almost like that in some ways lol. I do wonder with each new interaction, if my nails will come up in conversation or not.

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