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They also make filling up your gas tank an even more unbearable experience.

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I always called it a sweat jacket.

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Yes! Thank you! That's what i was looking for.

Although, yeah, Ramsey definitely has had his share of controversy, so I listen to the episodes with a grain of salt.

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Yeah, I tried a few episodes. Couldn't really get into it for some reason. Maybe I'll try again.

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Question should be self-explanatory.

My battery is only 75% effective. I came to the shocking realization my System76 is OLD! I can't seem to find a battery for it. Would a later-model darter battery be compatible?

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My dream is to own my own business (just kidding--own several businesses), but I'm currently experiencing financial hardship. After frantically looking for work for over a year with a network that let me down, I finally managed to find part-time work at a local nonprofit.

But I want to keep the foot on the gas (quite literally). Looking for a good business podcast I can listen to on my drive. I've listen to some in the past, but the quality of them has gone down. Oftentimes the guests are showboating, with like 30 seconds of helpful nuggets in the middle. Or I'll roll my eyes when I see the guest is some Dr. Oz-like green juice prophet.

Yes, I realize podcasts need to make money. I fully accept that if a podcast is free, ads are unavoidable. I simply skip past them.

Previous podcasts that have fallen out of favor with me: University of Adversity, School of Greatness, Achieving your Goals with Hal Elrod, Mel Robbins, Entrepreneurs on Fire, and How I Built It (where each episode just sounded like a 50-minute commercial for WordPress).

Looking for ones that focus on becoming rich, but also ones that talk about how to bolster a network and overcome hardship. Somewhere along there.

Any ideas?

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Wow. I always ask women questions on dates. If anything, I think I ask too many.

I was on one date and was asking a girl about herself...casual conversation. I started to notice she looked kind of uncomfortable. Was trying to figure out why. Realized I hadn't told her anything about myself. Poor girl probably felt like she was being interrogated. So I injected an anecdote here or there through the course of the conversation; this seemed to relax her pretty quickly.

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Ah, good thought. I can imagine my ADHD wreaking havoc on me at the job, but I suppose a paycheck's a paycheck.

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Maybe, but isn't it commission based? Like doesn't that mean that if I don't make a sale I don't get paid?

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I've considered this. I was close to singing papers for the 1.5 hour-long commute for a night shift at an Intel plant (which I was not excited about). That in addition to the fact that every facet of the job worked against my natural abilities (detail-oriented, fine motor skills, repetitive work, loud, noisy environments) was the final nail in the coffin. Opted for a pizza delivery job that I found at the same time.

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I've done retail, driving (non-cdl, as I don't have a CDL), direct support specialist (mental health field). My main area of expertise is in sw dev, but I don't have the luxury of waiting for a team's hiring process.

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I currently can only read free books (open for recommendations, although I think I wrung the classics dry for all their worth), but I found a book in one of those mobile libraries that does actually have me hooked: The Innocent by Harlan Coben.

It's not even close to being the best book I ever read. But it's well written enough and well plotted enough to keep me hooked. Probably my biggest gripe is the author's description of the women is how attractive they are. Even when he's describing the protagonists' wife, he only describes how much the main character thinks she's hot. Not a complete turn-off, but still a gripe. πŸ˜…

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It wasn't terrible by any means. But I kept being told how-fast paced and gripping it was.

The fastest the pace went was the main character ducking behind a barrier in a very brief firefight.

I'm not one of those action junkies, but I was kind of expecting more.

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cross-posted from:

The plot summary is as follows:

Secret Service agent Rebecca Carter's world is upended when her husband goes missing in 2002. Two years later, Rebecca and her team are protecting the President during a high-stakes trade deal in China. But their mission is cut short when an assassin appears out of nowhere, kills everyone, and disappears, leaving Rebecca as the lone survivor. In the year 31,462, Xel-Na, a shifter (an individual who can move through time and space at will), receives no word from Thes-Omatz, the deep space research vessel carrying his wife and daughter. Upon launching probes to investigate, he finds everyone either dead or missing. Suspecting a fellow shifter, Xel-Na embarks on a mission to confront the perpetrator. In his quest he soon comes across Rebecca. Together, they face insurmountable odds, all while grappling with the weight of their personal losses. But as they delve deeper into the heart of the conspiracy, they discover that the murderous shifter isn't just after Rebecca, he's after power. And no matter what Xel-Na and Rebecca do, this cunning adversary is always one step ahead of them.

I finished the first draft of the novel, but being out of work I'm not able to fund it myself. I was kinda like, well, nobody's giving me a call, might as well write it.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you like it? I have a thick skin, so even if it's crap, go ahead and let a rip.

And before you ask, no, it was not written by AI πŸ˜† (though I did use AI to assist in editing).

If you'd like to fund publication, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you like and and don't like to give strangers money online, I'd be forever grateful if you share the post on social media.

Anyone in Portland hiring? (self.portland_oregon)
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Looking for pretty much anything. If you're hiring, I'm available.

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Before you start throwing πŸ’© , hear me out...

I'm a huge fan of the's returning to the original design of the Internet...where everyone can communicate freely and openly and corporations have a very difficult time pulling anything creepy that LinkedIn/Twitter (yes, I'll still call it Twitter)/Facebook does.

But I sense a huge frustration with businesses that want to network with others but feel their hands are tied by these walled gardens.

I figure, why not make the fediverse business friendly?

Right now most people on Mastodon/Lemmy/etc. seem to be more of the anarchist/weekend hacker types. So part of my concern with this is that it would taint the fediverse with a bunch of spam. But by the same token it would also help grow the job market and provide opportunities for people that they may not have had on LinkedIn. Of course, I'd stress for anyone on the site to operate in a community-first mindset.

So, some question...

  1. Would this type of instance be met with disgust? I mean, obviously the great thing about the fediverse is that you can block servers you don't want on the network, but having the instance blocked would kind of defeat the purpose. πŸ˜…

  2. If you're excited by the idea, what things would you like to see? In my own armchair brainstorming, I thought joint accounts would be a good idea, as well as analytics.

  3. Suggestion for already-existing platform? Can't find a good one that would be ready-to-go to build off of. There's friendica, but I'm not much of a fan of PHP, and it seems to not have great adoption, either.

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Title says it all. Does anyone have any bosses you worked for where you felt they were the epitome of epic leadership?

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As a Christian most of the circles I'm around are pretty stone-cold fundamentalists. But I have been around people (and even had family members) who are 100% convinced that rock music is evil and will lead people to engage in witchcraft and draw pentagrams all over their home.

The root of the belief is that rock music uses drums, which are used by voodoo tribes in Africa to entrance people.

Along a different track of thinking, from where did rock music originate? Slaves. They created the guitar because slave-owners didn't allow them to make music with drums.

So then is "rock music is evil" sort of an echo of that attitude?

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Yeah, I'm a programmer and I've got the itch to create one. DEAL with it! 😝

That said, open to suggestions...I realize that most dating apps have--shall we say--less than desirable people on it, but I'm concerned more about the way the platform operates.

For me, I think the dating app world is a hodgepodge of garbage. I've been on a lot of the common ones (and I'm willing to pay for one), But most of them are strictly an app--no web interface, and fully closed source and a privacy nightmare...or online but they block you if you even think about using a VPN (because obviously only criminals use VPNs).

So from a technical standpoint REST-based dating apps are best, because it can start on the web (and remain on the web), then a smartphone app could be built on top of it. Then again, my aim isn't to digitally violate my users, so I've probably lost that game. 🀣

So, what about you folks? What would your ideal dating app look like?

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One thing I've found is that I have kind of a fear of repetition. Usually this manifests at work if I'm in a job that's repetitive. I have this kind of out of body experience where it's almost like I wonder how long I've been there and how many times I've done the thing.

And in college I always tried to sit in a random seat for lectures. Any time I felt I sat in the same seat more than once I would start to feel anxious.

I've somehow been able to cope exercising, not sure how since I take a few laps around my block when it's still dark out. I think it might be that I set a timer? I'm not sure, but there are times when I get that anxiety when I repetitive exercises.

I've been trying to research online for ways of coping, but I'm not finding much. The link I posted seems to be just an article on phobias in general, and "dittophobia" sounds like something someone just made up.

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Hey, thought I'd put myself out there. I'm a guy in my 30s. I'm playful and dorky, but I still know how to settle down and have a serious conversation. I'm a Jesus follower, but totally fine if that's not your thing and would love to meet you anyway. Just know that I probably won't be pursuing marriage if that's the case.

I'm an introvert (as most Lemmy folks are, I'm sure). Ideally for someone younger than me, but if you're older, go ahead and reach out--I won't mind. I work out every day and hike when I can. I love the outdoors, hate the city, and love going on adventures (with or without clothes, lol). I'm someone who can find adventure in the mundanity of life. And I have a huge long list of fun date ideas--I just need someone to come along for the ride. 😝

I should probably also note I'm a virgin and will remain one until I'm married. I'm totally fine if you're not a virgin. For a potential partner I'm looking for someone who loves Jesus, appreciates humor, and has an active lifestyle (not necessarily a gym rat, but someone who can go hiking/running without being out of breath would be great).

Even if you don't feel that's you but I sound like an interesting dude, feel free to reach out. Always down for meeting new people.

Interested? Feel free to reach out by sending me a DM!

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As a Sci-Fi fan I've been a huge fan of shows like Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse, Terminator: TSCC, Star Trek, etc. I keep hearing Babylon 5 is awesome.

I was too young at the time to watch the series when it was on. But then as an older teen/ young adult I decided to give it a try. Everything was so cringe it was hard to get through 3 episodes. IMO the whole vibe was "safe..." maybe even a bit corny--not the intense, exciting, politically-tense space opera that I was told it was.

So maybe the beginning episodes are just world-building? What do other people think?

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Title is basically it.

For me, it's usually coffee, or anything spicy, like cayenne pepper. Apple cider vinegar usually does it, too.

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