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Fingers crossed for McLaren today!

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Liberty are probably cracking down on VPN due to pressure from Sky, blocking VPN will lose them money.

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I don’t know of a good way to stop it

Give a time limit for serving penalties, eg 5 seconds to be served in the next 2 laps. Forcing an early pit stop is WAY more painful to a team than just 5 seconds.

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He is briefed before he does the walk, there is a sort of call card with celebs on that the journalists get before they go onto the grid. He also had someone telling him "there's Tiesto", but it still ended up messy lol.

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The radio message where they said "its under investigation but we arent telling you to give it back, you know what to do" or something similar, made me feel though the team knew it would be a penalty but decided that track position was worth the risk and they were quietly asking Max to open a gap, maybe.

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The biggest worry is that Chrome brings about change of websites which then requires other browsers to take on their trusted platform stuff in order to work.

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Half the race was a DRS train, I don't think there was "lots of action" or any great racing. I'd rather see high speed corners and corners with multiple lines than the high speed straights and DRS overtakes. Also the deliberate attempts to force spectacle detract from the race, the over crowded grid walk with virtually no interesting celebrities despite being in Vegas, driving to a hotel for an interview delaying the podium, celebrity flag waver who looked like he didn't want to be there. All this on a backdrop of losing Hockenheim and risking the loss of Spa and Silverstone. Sorry if you feel that's negative, but F1 is going in the wrong direction with this, Miama and Saudi Arabia.

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Just standard Vegas corruption. Somewhere on the strip there's an Elvis selling genuine F1 mics

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Lewis Hamilton Baby

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Martin walked up and down the grid, basically spoke to nobody. Shaq said "Lewis Hamilton Baby" after Brundle waited nearly a minute to interview him. It looked like he was dying out there.

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At least he said he had no grip, and he wasn't just claiming what he did was fine

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Rolls Royce probably considered to be more of a luxury vehicle as it's foreign and known for the build quality and finish

Agreed the racing was poor, just slipstream and DRS, which I noticed Karun called "drafting" today...

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Having a problem with [email protected] when users visit on different instances. We use pinned posts for race and session discussion, but it appears that some of these posts are getting stuck for users who view from another instance.

Viewing the community from or shows the Hungarian practice session from two weeks ago still pinned, and shows the Belgian sprint race from last week.[email protected][email protected][email protected]

I wasn't aware of this until now, but it makes it harder for users on other instances to use the community during live events.



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Hi Everyone,

This is the first real meta post here on [email protected], the community has grown very quickly and there is great engagement on race weekends. We are the biggest F1 sub on Lemmy and it's time to start thinking about how we want this community to run.

First up, to introduce the mod team, alongside myself we now have @[email protected] and @[email protected]. Wes has been responsible for posting all of the discussion threads for practice sessions, quali and races, and Bwoah is active everyday posting new interesting new content and analysis, big thanks to both of them they have really helped to grow the sub.

Moving forwards; we need some basic rules to keep the sub running smoothly, as a mod team we have 3 that are important to us;

- Be respectful to everyone; drivers, lemmings, redditors etc
This is a welcoming community, and that means being respectful to everyone inside and outside of it. While we understand there are tense moments, it doesn't mean anyone needs to resort to name calling or being derogatory. No hate speech of any kind. That doesn't mean you can't call out a driver or a team for mistakes, but do it in a constructive and friendly way.

- No gambling, crypto or NFTs
There is a wealth of evidence that shows the impact of gambling advertising on everyone, in particular children and those who have suffered from gambling disorder, including increasing intent to gamble. Members of this community should not be exposed to or encouraged to gamble, or partake in risky behaviours that could result in financial loss.

- Spoilers are allowed
Spoilers are a contentious issue, but the majority of fans are watching the race live and are excited about results. For those of use that can't follow every practice and qualifying session, having access to results immediately is better than trawling the web to see what happened. While sometimes it isn't possible to watch a race live, avoiding social media and news sites until you are caught up is something a lot of us are used to, and is the only guaranteed way to avoid spoilers which would be very hard to moderate.

Now, we want some community feedback and suggestions on the following;

- websites that force login or have a paywall When users post content from a website that isn't openly accessible, how should that be handled? A non-editorialised summary or copy of the article in the comments?

- Non English articles
How should the community handle non English articles? Google translate? Fan translations? No translations?

- Social Media Content
Should social media content be linked to, or screenshotted, or both? Many people don't have accounts on instagram, twitter, facebook, and don't want to sign up to read a single comment. Should users credit the original poster in the title eg [Photographer -]

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For some reason I cannot log in on mobile. The Jerboa app works fine so does desktop browser, but I cannot log in with Chrome or Firefox on mobile, tried private browsing too and didn't resolve the issue.

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