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I'm glad that you assume sane people couldn't be this hateful.

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Biden is specifically avoiding the term "cease-fire":

The White House has refused to call for a cease-fire but has signaled that the Israelis should consider humanitarian pauses to allow civilians to receive aid and for foreign nationals trapped on the strip to leave Gaza.

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Well I don't believe you're real either.

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The Afghanistan Papers: A Secret History of the War is a summary of the Washington Post's reporting on Afghanistan, specifically on the US government's own internal assessments from all levels of the military and political administration. In it, you'll find this quote:

Of all the failures in Afghanistan, the war on opium ranked among the most feckless. During two decades, the United States spent more than $9 billion on a dizzying array of programs to deter Afghanistan from supplying the world with heroin. None of the measures worked. In many cases, they made things worse.

The US doesn't need "tankies" or anyone else to make themselves look bad as far as the Afghan drug trade goes.

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Those charges were dropped. This is just about Wikileaks publishing documents.


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Yeah, somehow I didn't notice the date, sorry.

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