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That would be red, unless you have something else in it. But it is actually about turning iron ore, which is basically dirty iron oxide, into pure iron:

Fe~2~0~3~ + 3H~2~ → 2Fe + 3 H~2~O

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Social media in general loves controvery. So they push radical ideas, as they create conversation, clicks and other interactions, which means more time on the site. That then allows for more ad money.

The truth is most Americans are not that radical, due to just not caring too much about politics. They just want things to keep going as they are.

The other part of it is none Americans on social media. For Europeans for example Biden looks center right for the most part. Then again Europeans have options further left.

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Add to that people of fighting age leaving Russia to not get drafted. The men dieing are the potential fathers of the next generation. We also saw what happens to birth rates and migration, when Russia is in an economic crisis. We pretty much know that Russia is heading towards another one right now.

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First of all EVs do not need that much power. We are talking something like 25% more electricity production for a country like Japan. Then Japan has rather a lot of onshore and even more offshore wind potential. Mountains are a problem, but hardly something which can not be overcome. Solar can easily be installed on roofs and mountains are even less of a problem.

Also really important to say it. Combustion engines in cars are massivly inefficent. So an EV is still better for the climate, even if run with coal electricity. The other factor is that Japans population is falling. So they will need less power over the long term.

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Not necessarily. LNG prices have been falling to pretty much 2020 levels. So less profit. The other factor is consumers. The big ones are Japan, China, EU and South Korea. The EU has falling gas and LNG demand. China does not want to be depended on US LNG. Japans natural gas consumption has decreased every year but 2017, since 2014. For South Korea it looks like gas consumption might also fall.

So there is reason for hope.

Transformation is in Order (
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Meeting climate goals has to create an actual advantage for countries or well avoid them punishment from the international community. Blind cooperation is nice in theory, but it just does not work in practise. So we need proper funding from the wealthy countries, maybe leveraged from tariffs based on historic emissions, which then can go to poor countries, which only recieve the money, if they meet certain targets like stay below emission per capita levels or new fossil fuel infrastructure. At the same time we need to punish current emissions. For that systems like emissions based tariffs would work well. Other things can be done in trade agreements as well. I really like tariffs here, because they create a real monetary insentive for good action and that is kind of what works.

But be nice to China, otherwise they kill the planet is not going to work. Same story for the US and every other country on the planet. Nice words from politicans do not save the climate.

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That tends to be what happens, when a Nazi writes the strike laws.

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To be fair the biggest reason the region has a water problem is that the lignite mines upstream pump less water downstream and they are even starting to fill some of them up after the mining is stopped.

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We tried 'Generation Z' before, but Putin caused some problems.

Degrowth In Japan | NOEMA (
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The simple truth is Biden has been the best president in lowering US emissions and his laws would lower it even more. So yeah, I believe that.

Also Biden has said that he will stop US arms deliveries to Israel, if Israel attacks Rafah. That is by far the most anti Israel thing, the US has done in decades.

And that is the thing. Biden actually improves a lot of things. That does not make him perfect, it does not mean he does as much or even as quickly as he should(as Gaza clearly shows), but Biden has been surprisingly good as a president. There are third party canidates, which are better then Biden, but given how the system works, voting Biden is a good choice in a swing state. In states, which are not swing states vote third canidate for sure, to show that going further left can win the Dems some votes.

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Biden has actually stopped taking oil financing for his campaign. If you are not in a swing state, it is probably a good idea though to show that there is support for further left politics.

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I found these kind of cool as an idea, as they can be added rather easily to existing cities and provide some greenery without taking up space, while providing shade:

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