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(M43)I've got quite a nice little collection of fall/winter scents because I really love leathers and tobacco.(M43)I've never really done a deep dive into freshies and springtime fragrances but last year I bought a couple of samples of Etat Libre D'orange You or someone like you and enjoyed it immensely. I also bought a full bottle of Fat Electrician, which has been my go-to fragrance this fall and winter so when I started thinking about buying a new full bottle for spring, You or someone like you was the obvious choice for me. So I just ordered it today. It should arrive in a couple of days. I'm at least as excited about getting this one as I was about Fat Electrician. Has anybody else ordered something recently that they're really excited about? Or have you started thinking about new scents for spring yet? I would also love to hear your opinion on You or someone like you if you're familiar with it 🤗

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Something about holding up a mirror... It's very on point. hypocrites don't like when you show them their true face.

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I know what the word means, but I'm unsure how to use it in a sentence. In my native language, Danish,"backorder" translates to "Restordre" and when something is unavailable, we say it's"i Restordre",which translates directly into English as "in backorder", but I'm not sure that's correct English. Do English people say that or just "backordered" or something else?

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What is it about him, that makes him look like an asshole? It can't just be his eyes being too close together, can it?

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My instructions are clear: there are to be no expressions of joy,” he said. “Expressions of joy are equivalent to backing terrorism"

Wow. That is cartoonishly dystopian.

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Honestly? I switched from Windows to Linux. I was working for several years at a Windows-centric computer magazine and realized a couple of years ago that many of the articles I was writing were about how to make Windows behave less like Windows. So I installed some Linux distro in a virtual machine on my work PC to play around with it for a bit. And soon after I installed Manjaro on my PC at home. Today, four years later, I've installed various Linux distros on all my PCs, and I'm much less annoyed by computer issues on a regular basis.

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I really should. I haven't had the 'rona and also survived a stroke and two rounds of brain surgery in 2022. I'm one lucky bastard.

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It was never amusing. Earlier it was "only" kids dying of the measles because their dumbass parents were antivaxxers. With COVID-19, it started affecting adults so that's why they get more attention. The public seems to be better able to tolerate children dying of preventable shit than adults.

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She looks normal weight because she's wearing Chubbettes 😉

Edit: a letter

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So what are you in jail for?

  • driving while pregnant.
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I've been told I am handsome

It doesn't count when it was said by your grandmother and you were six at the time.

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Is this a stock picture of Elon crying?

I'm quitting again! (sh.itjust.works)
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I stopped smoking last year and shared some of my experiences in /r/stopsmoking, which was one of the few places on Reddit that actually helped me. I hope this place can grow large and active enough to help other people quit the stinky sticks.

I started smoking again in March this year.

But today I'm quitting again. it's 15.20 here and I haven't smoked yet today. I hope I can stay off the smokes for good this time, but I have a stressful elweek ahead of me, so I'm a bit worried I'm going to fail.

Edit: I'm actually surprised how many people have replyed to my post, I guess this community has some lurkers even though there aren't many subscribers. Thank you for the positive thoughts, everybody! 🤗

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Is Madison the one that became popular in the community after being snarky in a video while they were building a new PC for her? I think I remember her getting a job there afterwards. If I remember correctly, she was really funny.

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