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Really depends on what you make! Absolutely wouldn't freeze say, a steak. And texture, generally agree with you. But some jerk, adobo, honey garlic, curry chicken work just as well reheated. (Make the rice fresh though.) Same with a lot of pasta based dishes (or sauces, a bolognese freezes perfectly.) Even marinated chicken thighs and veggies are great!

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I batch cook and freeze stuff, so honestly, most of my food.

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I think you're misunderstanding my point.

You can still use reddit for free, that won't change. That is because to reddit you are cattle, the product, what is being sold.

And as long as you are a product, reddit is going to extract as much value from you as they can. It's why their valuation is in the billions, you are lucrative cattle. And qs someone who has wrangled that cattle, spez is taking his cut.

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These are sites premised on free labour but the end user pays nothing to enjoy the site.

As much value is created by those volunteers, the operating/dev costs are very real and can't just be hand waved away.

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No, but the age thing certainly is sticking. An overwhelming majority of Americans ate concerned about his age.

Like, Taylor Swift only has 60% or so approval in America whereas I think it was some 70 or 80% of Americans are concerned about Biden's age/mental acuity.

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Should unite us but somehow about half of America insists they are going to vote for trump.

So it does matter who runs against trump because, believe it or not, people disagree with us. And I would rather not see another trump term.

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Man, I remember reading lists that were pretty much the same about why people would obviously vote for Clinton in 2016.

Don't remember how that went, can you remind me?

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Canadian here. If I call in, pick it up then yeah, about 10 is my general go to. They're in my neighbourhood, I like them and I'll spend more than that on an unnecessary beer without thinking.

I've seen a lot of good places go under, I'll do my small part to help keep places I like in business. Admittedly, while I'm not rich a few extra bucks here and there to people busting their asses isn't a backbreaker. (Worked in kitchens, am not a hard enough worker for that ever again. Mad respect for those who do.)

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Listened to Billie Jean while cleaning, wondered what the all time playlist might be.

I imagine Kanye, Clapton, Pink Floyd, James Brown, Ike Turner all make the cut with MJ but I'm curious what Lemmy comes up with!

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Kind of amazing. In my head this is basically saying "we can't protect people in parts of downtown Vancouver and rather than change that, it may just be easier to abandon the area.

We made the trade! (twitter.com)
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So, what do we do now? Keep the lotto line, see if Lindholm can centre Mikheyev and someone (like Hoglander?) Keep Miller, Brock n Suter together and see what Petey/Lindholm/Mikheyev can do?

I'm just so excited.

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A few things happened pretty quickly.

During the pandemic, tech profits soared which led to massive hiring sprees. For all the press about layoffs at the big guys, I think most still have more workers than they did pre-pandemic.

Interests rates soared. Before the pandemic interest rates were ludicrously low, in other words it cost almost nothing to borrow money. This made it easier to spend on long term or unclear projects where the hope seemed to be "get enough users, then you can monetize." Once interest rates rose, those became incredibly expensive projects, so funding is now much more scarce. Companies are pulling back on bigger projects or, like reddit, trying to monetize them faster. Startups are also finding it harder, so fewer jobs.

And of course, AI. No one is quite sure how much that'll change the game but some folks think most programmers will be replaceable, or at least 1 programmer will be able to do the work of several. So, rather than hire and go through everything severance etc might entail, I think a lot of companies are taking a wait and see approach and thus not hiring.

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Original Joe's at Cambie and Broadway used to be great for this.

Trying to think of a bar with a window view of a busy street on a hill...

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Crosspost from c/politics

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I look forward to reading what an online community that specializes in Linux and Star Trek memes has to say about personal hygiene...

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Far right extremists claim easy solutions to complex problems. With housing etc pricea going through the roof it's easy to demonize foreigners etc.

Look what happened in Germany with hyper inflation.

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Not really.

The lottery is paid for by those who all have an equal chance of winning that prize. Also, the profits from lotteries are usually spent on social funds etc.

I feel more conflicted about thr fact that it preys on addiction and those who buy the most lottery tickets are often those who can least afford them. I find that much more grotesque than a random person getting very lucky, but to each their own.

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