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Bruh, this isn't an instructional video it's an informative one, there's a difference. You're not giving me a recipe in your bizarre metaphor, you're just generally describing what a grilled cheese is and how it tastes or why people eat it. You're not teaching people how to recreate a grilled cheese perfectly. If you left out the part where you put butter in the pan I would just assume you left out the part where you put butter in the pan, because your audience isn't there for a recipe and doesn't give a shit about every possible minute detail.

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Lol you're adorable.

This isn't a "debate", this is just me telling you that you don't know how statistics work. I don't particularly care if you choose to continue on from this conversation remaining cozy in your ignorance, that's your burden to bear. I'm not in the business of giving out free statistics classes.

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It's not my job to do your research for you when you're too lazy my dude. If you don't understand how population statistics work and how they're affected by a population's distribution then you can google it for yourself. Hint: you might want to start with probability theory.

Also lmao at you trying to call me kid. Honey, I took statistics a while back when I was still in university.

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Bro they don't share ANY similarities. Saying they're similar because they all have "lots of sidequests" or "DLCs" is like saying Lord of the rings and Arthur Christmas are similar movies because they both have elves and an older mentor figure. I'm sorry but that's just beyond ridiculous. Especially since you don't seem to have any idea what their DLCs contain. And no I'm not saying that because I like all of those games, I only ever really got into botw, the other 3 either didn't catch my attention or I tried them and couldn't get into them, but I still know enough to know that calling them similar in this context is delusional, the only thing they vaguely share is the open world genre. They are extremely different games you couldn't have chosen more different examples if you tried, I can think of a ton of non open world games that have more similarities with each.

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By that logic assuming they're uninformed based on what they didn't say is just as silly as saying that they are informed based on it. What they did say wasn't wrong, so there's no reason to automatically assume they don't know any more than what they included for general audiences.

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Really showing their bigot card with the pants. Oh no, girls wearing pants, the horror! Fucking piss babies.

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That's not what "uninformed" means. A more appropriate term would maybe be "uninformative".

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"every game looks exactly the same" proceeds to list 4 games that could not be more different from each other lmfao. You have to be trolling.

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They're gone in a blink of the eye so why bother trying one, if you like it you'll only be disappointed when it's gone forever the next day.

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More proof that you don't understand how statistics work.

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You seem to be under the bizarre impression that gang violence kills different, more special and more numerous people. Statistics show that it doesn't kill more people per capita, it's just that more people in smaller areas will result in more deaths from various types of violence including both gang and domestic, because that's how numbers and statistics and population distributions work. Both gang violence and domestic violence kill people, who are historically, the same as other people and not some unique species who are somehow killed harder or more tragically than another killed person. It's not comparing apples to oranges, it's comparing apples to apples, except the farmer that grew one apple is wearing a different hat and lives in a different county.

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No I don't think people who use the word "digger" are specifically and purposefully altering the N word and directly referencing it.

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