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That's kind of Ninja Theory's thing. Heavenly Sword was boring to play, but had an interesting premise. Enslaved was literally planned to be a movie and had the gameplay added on after that. The only game of theirs that I can think of that had good gameplay was DmC: Devil May Cry, and the story was absolute garbage. I don't know why anyone would pick up a game from them when their track record is so lopsided.

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If you mean the one that has 40 new puzzles and new story content, that's a mod, and doesn't have Valve's involvement.

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I played these games for the story. The campaigns used to be pretty solid, with good action and a lot of good moments. I'm not saying they're excellent still, but Modern Warfare had both the nuke and "All Ghillied Up" sequences, Modern Warfare 2 had the up-until-then relatively unexplored front of the United States and the "No Russian" missions, I was genuinely interested in Advanced Warfare's story, and if you want to go really far back, CoD 2 had some excellent missions that really nailed the scope of battles in WWII. A big part of the reason that Titanfall 2's campaign was so highly praised was because they had the talent behind Call of Duty's campaigns working on it. I'm not saying the multiplayer is any small part of the game, but there's at least some subset of people who played it for the campaign.

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On the contrary of "go slower," I suggest you actually move faster. Bots cause issues when dropships come in. Sometimes, even when you're doing everything right, you can still get a flare set off, and if you're trying to clear a base and a dropship comes in, it gets a hell of a lot harder. The longer the mission goes on, the stronger the bot patrols and reinforcements get, so the best option is to treat almost everything like a blitz mission.

Most of what I'm gonna say, you probably already know given your loadout. The big difference between bot outposts and bug nests is that you don't need an angle for a guaranteed airstrike to take out a factory. If you're running the autocannon, you can take out factories if you're in front of them from a hell of a distance. Just aim for the upper part of the vent from within about 45 degrees of dead-on, and the factory goes up. If a flare goes off, it'll be dropped on the bot calling it in, and by the time they land, they won't have any idea where you are if you run. If you can't get line-of-sight on a vent, run up, call in an Eagle Airstrike, and run off again. For light and medium outposts, you can get in and out in no time.

For just regular patrols though, if you have to engage, engage at a distance. I'd swap out the mortar sentry for an autocannon sentry, mostly because it brings more immediate results, with less of a chance of killing you if the bots get too close. If you shoot at them from a distance, they're more likely to have less time to react, and not get a flare off, which again, is the worst outcome of engaging. Deal with it, and move on. Don't get bogged down in engagement.

Aside from that, the only real change I'd make is swapping out the orbital laser for the orbital rail cannon. You're not limited to just 3 uses, and while your autocannon can deal with sneak attacks on big bots, sometimes you just need to delete something. If they're close enough together, I've even seen it take out 2 hulks. You can get rid of a big threat every two and a half minutes, and not sacrifice speed. Only other difference between your loadout and mine is that I'm using the Liberator as my primary, but if you're happy with the Adjudicator, keep it.

For your team wanting to shoot everything, if they're going to insist on drawing aggro, let them. Do objectives, be proactive. You get a lot more bots from an area filled with outposts than an area empty of them, and you'll lessen the number they have to fight. Finish a spot, move onto the next, and do it fast.

One minor thing, factory striders. These things were built to withstand tons of air strikes, and even eat orbital lasers and rail cannons. But if you take off the machine guns on its chin, and walk up to it and unload on its belly with the autocannon, they go down very fast. The biggest challenge will be getting your team to stop calling in airstrikes so you can do it.

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Commission done for Luxury. If you're interested, my commissions are open.

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While I love that game, I have absolutely no love for that goddamn greenhouse.

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Check the patch notes here. A week ago they tried to up the difficulty for solo players who would stealth around the map. If you look under the section Enemy Patrols:

Patrol spawning has been increased when there are fewer than 4 players. The fewer the players the bigger the change. For 4 player missions there will be no change compared to before.The biggest noticeable change will be for solo players at higher difficulties

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I remember there was one time where electro-swing was implicated in a gang massacre at a club. And the police seemed pretty shocked at the level of violence.

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Normally I'd expect to see this stuff on [email protected]

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Huh, didn't realize it had been posted. Even though I've already upvoted the old one, too. My bad.

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This clearly isn't Menkent. Nothing is on fire.

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Commission done for Ero.

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Co-ops have been shown to be less likely to fail than traditional businesses in their first ten years. The article argues that if Canada spent $1b on helping workers to purchase businesses from retiring entrepreneurs, it would drastically raise the wealth of the poorest citizens and allow for more stable businesses.

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Done for SundownFox. Commissions are open if you're interested.

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Done for Griffonki, with his sona as his D&D character. If you're interested, my commissions are open.

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Done for Onedeadlymouse. Commissions are open, if you're interested.

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Users can brute-force their way into reading private messages with Lemmy versions below 0.19.1. I know there was the question of federation issues previously, but it appears to have been largely mitigated with the later versions at this point. Are there any plans to upgrade

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Opening the inbox automatically brings up "mentions," but if you want to see private messages, you can click at the top and choose "all messages." Clicking any of those options though will crash the app. You can still access those options through the side window, just not the dropdown at the top while viewing the inbox.

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Done as a request for BalloonieLuna. If you're interested, my commissions are open.

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Hi guys, I've got a Bluesky code to give away, and I figured some of you guys would like it. Just a few requirements:

  • You must have been a member of for at least two weeks.
  • You must have commented or posted on something in in the past two weeks. Doesn't matter if you're doing so after this post either, though hopefully you'll keep being active.
  • To be entered, you need to reply to this post (which will not count toward the past two weeks' activity requirement).

I'll be randomly picking someone after 48 hours, and I'll likely delete this post after another 24. Best of luck!

Edit: It's been 48 hours, and of the 3 people who commented, only one actually didn't have Bluesky already, so DraconicNeo has been sent the code. I have to say the response has been surprising. I offered a free giveaway, and got the post downvoted to hell and nothing but negativity for it. I absolutely won't be repeating this again. Screw deletion, I'd just as soon leave this up so the next person doesn't try to make my mistake.

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