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Not sure if many will join me on it, but with Microsoft going on the death march for studios, this might be the first of their major releases I don’t even bother with on Game Pass. After all, they fired Tango Gameworks, who knows when they’ll cut these devs loose.

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By this measure, justice was impossible to achieve before the invention of the cell phone video camera.

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You’ve just invented the market for a combo gaming-handheld/electric heating blanket.

[-] Katana314 2 points 3 days ago

RDR2 is theoretically a big one, but of course most people that wanted to play it already have somewhere else.

[-] Katana314 1 points 3 days ago

I enjoyed Game Pass already on my PC - I even subbed to it when it was strictly "Console game pass" and so happened to give PC access to a few crossplay titles. I ended up taking someone's used, dusty Xbox One just to get into some of the console-only games. Later, I upgraded to a Series S since I figured my whole Xbox library was digital and I didn't own a 4KTV.

But, my enjoyment of Game Pass was reliant on sudden surprise hits like Hi-Fi Rush. So, now that they're firing the people making games like that, I'm probably done as they're moving a different direction from what I want.

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Sure, daddy might beat me sometimes. But if you tell the cops to arrest him, he said he’ll get his friend to beat me harder.

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I definitely wish there was more negotiation with tech library companies about this. It makes sense for movies - it's a one-time experience, you only see the supporting studios' logos one time, and it's just building anticipation for the opening moments of the movie. But games are things people play twenty times a week. Someone might see the logos more if they play in shorter sessions, and maybe even avoid playing for a night because they're familiar with the two minutes of setup to get to "actually playing".

I even wish there was more effort to put gaming menus before the launch. A long time ago, Steam standardized a server picker for their own games, so you could skip "launching the game, hitting Server Browser", instead just open the server list, double click one, and then that's your "launching" task taking you to the thing you want to play. Even consoles could do this, even for games using matchmaking. I remember this being something the PS5 promoted in its menus but, not having a PS5, I'm curious if many games followed though.

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Downloads on my Surface for the sake of my vacation were the reason I resubscribed. Seems fitting it should be the reason I unsubscribe. I only worry about finding a good point of communication to let them know about this reason.

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I had a lot of fun with my Vita even without hacking it. It had a longer lifetime than people realize, in part through digital sales and indie games that were planning to do PS3/PS4 releases anyway.

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“We’d like for our software to ThingDo. Our team has estimated 4 weeks for this work. What’s your estimate?”
“Wait, you want to write it from scratch? Why not just plug in ThingDoer library?”
“…ah, right. Damn libs.”

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What, you don’t like entering a fight only to lose all your HP in an instant to someone that spent 2000 hours grinding critical hit chance stats?

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I upvoted you for at least naming a potential candidate, rather than vaguely saying “someone else”.

It's Not About The Nail (
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An HD re-release of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Dual Destinies, and Spirit of Justice, for Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PS4.

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Sales follow the tradition of supply and demand. Products come out at their highest price because of expectations and hype. Then, as interest wanes, the publisher continues to make some sales by reducing price to tempt the less interested parties.

But this isn't the formula for all games. While we might agree that games from 2000 or even 2010 are "showing their age", at this point 5 to 8-year-old games are less and less likely to be seen as 'too old' by comparison to hot releases. Some publishers have picked up on that theme, and doubled down on the commitment to the idea that their games have high longevity and appeal; making the most of their capitalistic venture for better or worse.

I recently was reminded of an indie game I had put on my wishlist several years back, but never ended up buying because it simply had never gone on sale - but looking at it now, not only did it maintain extremely positive user reviews, I also saw that its lowest all-time price was barely a few dollars off of its original price.

In the AAA space, the easiest place to see this happening is with Nintendo. Anyone hoping to buy an old Legend of Zelda game for cheap will often be disappointed - the company is so insistent on its quality, they pretty much never give price reductions. And, with some occasional exceptions, their claims tend to be proven right.

In the indie space, the most prominent example of this practice is Factorio, a popular factory-building game that has continued receiving updates, and has even had its base price increased from its original (complete with a warning announcement, encouraging people to purchase at its lower price while it's still available).

Developers deserve to make a buck, and personally I can't say I've ever seen this practice negatively. Continuing to charge $25 for a good game, years after it came out, speaks to confidence in a product (even if most of us are annoyed at AAA games now costing $70). I sort of came to this realization from doing some accounting to find that I'd likely spent over $100 a year on game "bundles" that usually contain trashy games I'm liable to spend less than a few hours in.

For those without any discussion comments, what games on Steam or elsewhere have you enjoyed that you've never seen get the free advertising of a "40% off sale"?

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We get a lot of sequels in the gaming world, and a common criticism is when a series isn't really innovating enough. We're given an open world game that takes 40 hours, with DLC stretching it out 20 more, and see a sequel releasing that cut out it's late 30 hours because players were already getting bored.

Meanwhile, there's some other types of games where any addition in the form of "It's just more levels in the series" is perfectly satisfying. Often, this is a hard measure to replicate since these types of series often demand the creators are very inventive and detailed with their content - this likely wouldn't be a matter of rearranging tiles in a level editor to present a very slightly different situation.

What I've often seen is that such games will add incredibly small, insignificant "New Gameplay Features" just so they have something to put on the back of the box, but that tend to be easily forgotten in standard play (yet, the game as a whole still ends up being fun).

The specific series that come to mind for me with "Level-driven games" are:

Hitman - the way the levels are made naturally necessitates some creativity both from the level makers to come up with unique foibles and weaknesses to each target, and from the players to discover both the intended and unintended methods of elimination.
Ace Attorney - While they series has come up with various magical/unusual methods for pointing out contradictions in court, the appeal is still in the mysteries themselves, and it's never needed much beyond the basic gameplay, and the incredibly detailed and well-animated characters to hook people in.
Half-Life - For its time, anyway. While its Episodes certainly made efforts to present new features, quite often the star of Half-Life games isn't really in any core features or gameplay mechanics, but in the inventive designs of its levels, tied in with a penchant for environmental storytelling; making you feel the world was more than an arrangement of blocks and paths. For a long time, the wait for Valve-made episodes was alleviated with modder-made levels hoping to approach the inventive qualities of the original games.
Yakuza - While the series has undergone a major overhaul moving to JRPG combat mode, for 6+ games it satisfied a simple formula: Dramatic stories driven by cutscenes, as well as a huge variety of mini quests, of boundless variety and very low logic. For many of their games, they weren't doing a whole lot to re-contextualize their core gameplay, being fisticuffs combat, and it still worked out well (plus, they're continuing to go that route for games like Kiryu's last game)

To open up discussion, and put the question as simply as I can: Which games do you follow, that you wish could be eternally supported by their devs, by simply continuing to release new "level packs" or their functional equivalent, with no need to revamp gameplay formulas?

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Occult Crime Police is an indie-made, Ace Attorney-inspired mystery game about a local town sheriff investigating crazy occurrences in her small, four-figure population hometown of Boomtown, USA.

The game is CRAZY-detailed with its animations, humor, tons of "Present Evidence" conversations, and it's available for FREE (or whatever donation price you'd like to offer). You don't go to any courtrooms, but it's the same idea, similar to the Edgeworth games; winning arguments to accuse the murder through contradictions and collected evidence.

The first case has been out for a while, but recently they've premiered case 2: Medium At Large.

And yes, there is at least one stepladder joke.

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Just happened to come across this one on Steam, and the reviews are generally positive. Not expecting it to reach the best points of the best Ace Attorney games, but certainly seems to be worth a try.

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Apparently coming to the public test beta on Steam today.

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Short segment on the subject, but he was aware of the issue long before many other channels. (If timestamp code does not work, go to 11:00)

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This should apply to internet purchases as well as retail, up to a $2,500 limit on a single item.

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