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I heard one working in a used bookstore one time "It's a book with either the Pope or The Beatles on it" turns out Life magazine had a year in review book with both the Pope AND The Beatles and our customer service guy knew EXACTLY which book it was and where it was in the store (with no inventory system).

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I don't know how you solved that one.

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I imagine they're talking about people who have a threat on their life and don't talk to the police prior to the final incident. Think stalkers, abusive partners, etc.

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Don't forget AMD, good potential if they bring out similar technology to compete with NVIDIA. Less so Intel, but they're in the GPU market too.

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Ah, you're right. I swapped the stat pts and mins columns in my brain.

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My man had a ~~42pt~~32 triple double in game 2. Luka is the guy. I just don't know that Kidd is it for the coaching. I want to see an adjustment that frees up their lob game and corner 3s.

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Americans will use anything but metric as a unit of measurement.

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Social Distortion has so many amazing songs and maybe 2 or 3 get rare airplay on the radio.

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Learning to demand pay for your time at a job is an important life lesson. Not everyone learns it. I have a coworker on the verge of retirement that eats while working and doesn't take a "no-lunch".

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I hate the fascists the most followed closely by their enablers. It's nitpicking, but the centrists can be easily manipulated into choosing the middle ground between Democrats and Progressives, so it makes them somewhat useful if you can swing things a bit.

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I'm not a huge fan of brief videos with little context, but it doesn't look like much context is needed here.

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