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How do they know that he was tortured to death if Israel hasn't released the body or any information? There are a lot of claims being made in this article but I can't find any sources to back them up.

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Dieser Moment wenn ich mir nicht mehr sicher bin, ob das gute Satire oder ein echtes Plakat ist

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Same here, it's the reason why I kicked Ubuntu off my laptop. They removed any way to choose and made it such a pain to get around the Snap bullshit. I'm on Linux because I want to choose what I do with my system.

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Microsoft is the "Linux salesman of the year" because most people switching to Linux do it just because Windows has become so terrible.

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Brb I'm printing this out to fax it to my friend

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Reddit just feels like Facebook these days. Niche subs are not affected as much, but the vast majority is just low quality trash, gossip, selfies and unhinged political discussion.

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When people say they want Lemmy to become the new reddit, they are not talking about the reddit of today, more like the one from <2015.

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Wahre Proletarier benutzen Red Star OS!

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Shoutout an die Algorithmen von Meta, TikTok und YouTube. Ohne euch wäre das nicht möglich gewesen.

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Launching hundreds of drones and missiles at civilian targets is not "being the better man".

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Ah yes, liberating a nation by establishing yet another radical theocratic dictatorship.

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The malicious changes were submitted by JiaT75, one of the two main xz Utils developers with years of contributions to the project.

“Given the activity over several weeks, the committer is either directly involved or there was some quite severe compromise of their system,” an official with distributor OpenWall wrote in an advisory. “Unfortunately the latter looks like the less likely explanation, given they communicated on various lists about the ‘fixes’” provided in recent updates. Those updates and fixes can be found here, here, here, and here.

On Thursday, someone using the developer's name took to a developer site for Ubuntu to ask that the backdoored version 5.6.1 be incorporated into production versions because it fixed bugs that caused a tool known as Valgrind to malfunction.

“This could break build scripts and test pipelines that expect specific output from Valgrind in order to pass,” the person warned, from an account that was created the same day.

One of maintainers for Fedora said Friday that the same developer approached them in recent weeks to ask that Fedora 40, a beta release, incorporate one of the backdoored utility versions.

“We even worked with him to fix the valgrind issue (which it turns out now was caused by the backdoor he had added),” the Ubuntu maintainer said.

He has been part of the xz project for two years, adding all sorts of binary test files, and with this level of sophistication, we would be suspicious of even older versions of xz until proven otherwise.

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»Wir werden gemeinsam die nächste Generation elektrischer Smart designen, entwickeln und in China für den Weltmarkt bauen«, sagte der damalige Daimler-Chef Dieter Zetsche. Zwar haben die Partner Wort gehalten, doch hat der als #1 im Jahr 2022 präsentierte Erstling aus dieser Kooperation mit dem Original nur noch den Markennamen gemein. Aus dem 82 PS starken und 2,70 Meter kurzen Zweisitzer für 21.490 Euro ist ein 4,30 Meter langer, ebenfalls elektrischer CrossOver geworden, der mindestens 37.490 Euro kostet und bis zu 428 PS leistet.

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