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Something I’d love to see made a thing: whenever you see him, just walk by and say “fuck off, Nigel”. No more, no less - but if everyone starts to do it… 👍

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And what does the generator run on? More hydrogen!

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Shhh. Don’t be pro-Apple here. It’s not what this sub is for. 🤔

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“He’s intelligent but not experienced. His pattern demonstrates two-dimensional thinking…”

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Easy for many to jump on the “fuck Apple” bandwagon, but the EU doesn’t say what they want - just “nope, it’s not that..”.

The EU Is Reaping What It Sows With the DMA: Uncertainty

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If these people had the same brains as we do, we’d not be here right now.

To all downvoting: whooosh!

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Starts at $6800. Likely not.

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Or, it could be Susan. They know about the Tardis, and they’ve been pretty passive about interactions with the doctor or Ruby. And unlike a lot of people on other forums, not making tea is not necessarily evil. It’s rude, but it’s not evil.

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Also headlining with Ed Bishop, ye of ITV’s series “UFO” and the odd Bond film. He and Shane Rimmer were the go-to Americans when you needed one in British film and TV.

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But if you think about it, millennials could be pushing a dialogue in popular media that Boeing is part of the big industrial war machine, and deserves to die. I’ve heard lesser fabricated arguments on the Internet.

In any event, thanks for the heads up.

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That’s it. No more Gouda for you.

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Thanks for that. Sometimes I wish /s was more popular here, for tone-deaf people like me.


I fully intended to do something here, creating the group, but I got sick and haven’t been able to do anything much. If you want it, message me.

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It's not by choice I have to use Teams, but by corporate edict, but currently there's definitely something happening with Teams, 2002 errors, hidden files or crosslinks and crashes. It's driving many of us hopping mad for weeks:


Anyone else having problems? I posted a temporary solution in the MS thread, but maybe someone knows a fix? Or perhaps we can give this a bit of notoriety so MS will do something about it!


Might be shouting into the void, but do any brands support Android Auto or CarPlay?

If this isn’t the correct c/, would you please point me in the c/orrect direction? Thanks


It's a very good takedown of Muskrat. Fun quote:

"Fights can reveal a person’s character. That would be Musk’s worst fear. As frivolous as all of this jawing has been, it is very much in keeping with a lifetime of acting like a selfish brat and getting away with it... Scientists could not design a man more likely to get whipped in a fair fight."


Quite a report…


Still figuring out the fediverse, but I know that Mastodon users can (in an oblique way) post to Lemmy. Is there a way to have a Lemmy account and post to a Mastodon instance/section/thingie?

I wanted to respond to something on https://front-end.social/local but I'm trying to avoid creating more social media accounts I won't use.



...this is a hot dog, but you might have been able to fix it if you offered any method to respond to mistakes in your articles.

They think they also know what a biscuit is, but again - wrong.

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