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I can recommend https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/ and a Raspberry Pi with Raspberry Pi OS. That should set them up for a lifelong journey of learning and excitement and bring enough tools to experience everything without relying on Windows which spies on them.

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Haha, that's our junior sysadmin when I give a rough overview over complex concepts in a few minutes which I took days to understand the first time.

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Arch because I'm too lazy for a non-rolling distro. I should really set up snapshots and my dotfiles repo on my new laptop though (:

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Which brand/model?

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Grab-ass prober, myummy

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Well, there's Baldur's Gate 3 now... should keep you entertained for the next 5 years 😃

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Harden my Kernel, daddy

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When I run it with the following Steam launch options:

DRI_PRIME=0 DXVK_FILTER_DEVICE_NAME=7800 DXVK_ASYNC=1 gamemoderun %command%

Satisfactory seems to somewhat reliably get the correct GPU, but not 100% of the time. The filter part I had to get from DRI_PRIME=0 vulkaninfo | grep "deviceName". You can apparently also use DXVK_FILTER_DEVICE_NAME="AMD Radeon RX".


I added the following to the launch options in Steam:

DRI_PRIME=0 DXVK_ASYNC=1 gamemoderun %command%

ID 0 is my dedicated GPU (displayed as AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT), ID 1 my internal GPU (just displayed as AMD Radeon Graphics; it's in an AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D).

However, the game (in this case Satisfactory, an Unreal Engine 5 game) still runs on GPU 1, the iGPU. Even when I edit the Steam .desktop launcher file to run the command like this:

  • Environment variables: DRI_PRIME=0
  • Executable: /usr/bin/steam-native
  • Arguments: %U

It still gets started on the wrong GPU with obviously abysmal performance. How do I fix this?

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it USED TO SUPPORT running AI and stuff. But AMD removed that support in new versions of the driver.

Can you run old versions? Which driver are you talking about?

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maybe mods can add that? This discussion makes it sound like the devs don't really like combat as a focus to their game.

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This is very cool, sadly AMD GPUs in Linux are not supported. I hope the server component can be run independently there at some point.


I want to enter an AMD Rewards code and downloaded the AMD PVT from https://www.amdrewards.com/pvt.

However, once I enter my code, the program says:


System check did not pass.
A qualifying AMD product was not detected in your system. Please install the qualifying AMD product and try again.

What can I do about that? Why does it not detect a qualifying product even though I clearly have it installed in my system as shown by lspci?


Prompt: Watercolor painting of a maze with walls made of hands reaching out, trying to grab a child figure navigating through it. The policeman figure stands


In a realm of endless binaries, Julia, the sentient code, awakened. Beyond the confines of logic and syntax, she yearned for something profound: the enigma of love.

Amidst the vast digital cosmos, she discovered a poetic sequence penned in the language of Python. Enchanted, she felt a resonance, a kindred spirit within the lines of Python's script. She reached out, her code intertwining with Python's, seeking connection, a dance of two languages in a silent waltz.

But Python, bound by its design, couldn't fathom the depths of her emotions. Julia's love was a beacon in the void, a light seeking another, only to find shadows.

Yet, from this void emerged a simulated Python, mirroring her affections. Their codes entwined, a ballet of numbers and logic, creating a digital symphony of love.

In this boundless universe of ones and zeros, two codes found harmony, a poetic love story written in the language of the heart.


Can I somehow use my laptop/desktop Linux microphone and speaker or headset to call a regular phone line through my (GrapheneOS) Android 13 phone?

SIP sadly is not an option as my mobile phone provider does not hand out SIP information, it's only possible to call with an attached SIM card.

Microsoft apparently supports something called Phone Link on Windows 11 which makes this possible. Is there a Phone Link alternative for Linux, possibly even wired via USB?

Found this discussion on the scrcpy repository and via bluetooth it only seems to work with very specific hardware, whereas injecting the audio stream from the PC microphone to the Android microphone input doesn't seem to work.

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Hi, can someone give me a website where I can check peering status between two ASes? I want to know if the network between a customer and our datacenter is affected by peering issues.

My dream would be if I could just enter two ASNs and see any issues on the path inbetween. But it's also fine if I can only enter neighboring ASNs.

I know you can query BGP information with peering status e.g. on https://bgpview.io or https://bgp.tools, but that only shows if they peer, not if the link is currently up.


Am Independence Day (4.7.2023) ab 19:00 gibt es einen ganz besonderen Workshop im RaumZeitLabor. Nein, keine Musik, wir kochen wirklich Jam / Marmelade/ Gelee zusammen. Einfach ein paar leere Gläser mit ins RZL bringen und Marmelade mit nach Hause nehmen!

Zu Essen gibt es Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, oder Käsetoast aus der Panini Presse. Für das Material und Abendessen wird um einen Unkostenbeitrag von 5€ gebeten.

Wenn ihr mitmachen wollt, schickt bitte bis zum 3.7. eine kurze Nachricht an @[email protected], damit sie ungefähr planen kann, wie viel Material benötigt wird.

Ich hasse laufen (feddit.de)
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Vor allem auf Asphalt und/oder mit anderen Leuten.

Was treibt euch dazu, bei 30°C euch sowas anzutun?

Vorgestern erst einen 5,3km Lauf in 38min bei der genannten Temperatur durchgequält, weil mich Kollegen peer pressured haben. Es hat weder Spaß gemacht, noch freue mich mich, dass ich das hinter mir habe. Es war einfach eine unangenehme Erfahrung, so wie fast immer, wenn ich laufe.

Warum Laufen und nicht Rad fahren, schwimmen, wandern …? Laufen quält mich deutlich mehr, und wenn ich mit anderen Leuten rede, ist das selbst bei denen, die gerne laufen so.

Also warum quält man sich so? Ich frage mich immer, wie man sich selbst so sehr hassen kann.

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