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If you set up a location near a native elephant population where if an elephant brought you like a banana or something and you gave that elephant a handjob... I one hundred percent believe that the elephants would figure out the arrangement and you'd have a successful elephant brothel running in short order.

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Sculptor Moses Ezekiel included the weeping figure of the loyal black mammy as a correction to what he and the UDC saw as lies about history perpetrated by the North.

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It's been a process.

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Hitler's government was a popular government; the vast majority of Germans preferred the rule of gangsters to the effort of thinking and doing for themselves. They abdicated their franchise.


The former Berlin businessman I referred to earlier told me that he blamed his own group, people with the time and the money and the opportunity to know better, for what happened to Germany. "We ignored Hitler," he said. "We considered him an unimportant fellow, not quite a gentleman, not of our own class. We considered it just a little bit vulgar to bother with him, to bother with politics at all."

They thought of the government as "They." The only possible route to a clear conscience in politics is to accept political responsibility, either as an active member of the party in power or as an equally active member of the loyal opposition.

โ€”Robert A. Heinlein, Take Back Your Government

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Think about being a child with Professor X's abilities. He can get anything he wants, make anyone believe anything he wants, he can know everyone's deepest most shameful secrets. How could a person like that even form a moral framework? From his childhood, he'd have every reason to believe that he was immune to all discipline and that rules simply don't apply to him if he decides they don't, because for him those are true facts! By all rights Professor X ought to be a an exceptionally dangerous egoist and megalomaniac.

Oh, also, if there is any Marvel character who ought to be canonically omnisexual, it ought to be Charles. He doesn't see bodies, he just sees minds. That undersea prawn monster that Namor was making out with ought to be just table stakes for Professor Xavier.

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"We changed it after the war!"

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If you believe that laws forbidding gambling, sale of liquor, sale of contraceptives, requiring definite closing hours, enforcing the Sabbath, or any such, are necessary to the welfare of your community, that is your right and I do not ask you to surrender your beliefs or give up your efforts to put over such laws. But remember that such laws are, at most, a preliminary step in doing away with the evils they indict. Moral evils can never be solved by anything as easy as passing laws alone. If you aid in passing such laws without bothering to follow through by digging in to the involved questions of sociology, economics, and psychology which underlie the causes of the evils you are gunning for, you will not only fail to correct the evils you sought to prohibit but will create a dozen new evils as well.

Robert A. Heinlein, Take Back Your Government

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it's easier to pick a different corporation (i.e. don't buy from them)

This argument also falls apart when the thing you want to buy is essential and/or all of the companies selling it are horrible (or the very concept of selling it at a profit is horrible), e.g. health insurance, water, housing, staple foods, and so forth.

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I was curious about this. Since political parties run their own primaries, then they can decide to use whatever voting system they want. I suspect that RCV primaries would produce a candidate that is more competitive in the general election (though I don't know enough about electoral math or demographics to be sure). I'm certain that RCV has a tendency to discourage scorched earth campaign tactics, so party candidates would be less prone to trying to destroy one another.

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What's amazing to me about the people who are facilitating the downfall of democracy on behalf of their oligarch and demagogue buddies is that they've deluded themselves into believing that they will still be of use, once democracy is good and dead.

If you're looking to murder democracy, you need accomplices, people in positions of power within the existing government to help get the job done. But once it's done, what do you need those accomplices for anymore? If anything, they're just loose ends for you to tidy up within your full-on fascistic government.

The Teds Cruz and Clarences Thomas of the world serve a purpose in helping achieve a hateful goal, but once they've outlived their usefulness, they will absolutely be made to disappear, if for no other reason than because they know too much.

They're basically setting up a scenario whereby they will either be facing an angry mob for their role in attempting to kill democracy, or else they will be facing a purification squad once they successfully replace democracy.

Not great on long-term planning, if you ask me.

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A steel guitar song about how awesome F. D. Roosevelt was.

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I can't figure out how it could possibly be drawing enough nutrients to live, and yet there it is. I'd have chopped it up and dragged it away but now I'm impressed and want to see how long it goes on.

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Stranded on a strange planet with a race of alien vampires!

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