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Definitely missing the deep fry step.

Also why is this posted here...

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Holy hell. I thought this was something in c/memes or c/humor until I saw the community...

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I'm thinking it's just clickbait-y.

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There's no way he wrote a single word of that denial. Some of those words have more than two syllables. There are no exclamation points. Nothing is all caps.

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Torn between that's not how this meme works, and that's something he'd say....

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Betterige is correct.

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Facts aren't a concern of the intended audience.

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I feel like you're overthinking this a bit.


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[OC] Somewhere in New Orleans

Do better. (
Do better. (
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A Special Sunset (
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Taken with a Google Pixel 6 Pro

A Sunset to Remember (
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Google Pixel 6 Pro

I pity the tool (
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I just realized that this is a repost from a month ago, albeit I seem to have found it from a different source I apologize for not checking.

NF and his drummer Rico (
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Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro North Carolina US. 24 July 2023

Edit to say for the record that I was at this concert and took this picture. I'm not posting photos from someone else's website or search engine.

[Self] Judgement Paladin (
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My judgement paladin set from DragonCon. Seems like forever ago already...

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