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[-] Fedizen 9 points 19 hours ago

statistically, you'll probably die in a car crash but the news doesnt even report auto accidents anymore.

[-] Fedizen 2 points 1 day ago* (last edited 1 day ago)

This is why proportional voting is good. The best answer is to give them more accurate representation as part of oregon.

Without some trade for like a blue part of idaho this trade just stacks the deck one way. not 100% of the people in those districts want to leave and there's blue parts of idaho, why not trade those for red parts of oregon if it's "just partitioning" why abandon the 20-49% of whomever is in those red districts that would go straight back to being unrepresented

No, this is just right wingers wanting things 100% their way with no reasonable offer on the the table. There's no "legitimacy" here.

[-] Fedizen 1 points 2 days ago

not if he's taking a nap.

[-] Fedizen 4 points 2 days ago

I think we just need something like "can you legally buy a gun? Then you can run for president"

[-] Fedizen 38 points 2 days ago

He wants a "too big to fail" law for politicians. Its so stupid and short sighted, but its an obvious result of a narcissist under pressure.

[-] Fedizen 11 points 2 days ago

imo they should refund everyone who bought one and collect all the devices to recycle.

[-] Fedizen 2 points 2 days ago

Rewriting the 14th amendment because they have the power not because its good law.

Imo we'd all be better off with proportional voting, its nearly impossible to gerrymander

[-] Fedizen 85 points 2 days ago

some 300 people live in some of those counties, which is like a city block in portland. If they want to be idaho so much why not just move there?

[-] Fedizen 3 points 2 days ago

sword missile his car, please

[-] Fedizen 9 points 2 days ago

this is like a bitcoin miner's wet dream.

[-] Fedizen 16 points 2 days ago* (last edited 2 days ago)

RIP to the good girl

[-] Fedizen 3 points 3 days ago

does this actually anonymize it or just give the jet a tracking number?

New Feature Request (self.lemmyshitpost)
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I'd like to see what drugs the original poster is on when making a post.

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I'm thinking of things like heliocentrism where there was some modern discovery or revelation by science that invalidated a common assumption prior.

My understanding is that flat earth is more a recent phenomena but I'd love to hear some ancient ideas people now miss. Did people think trees weren't alive? Did people think evaporation was where things simply disappeared?

I'd would love to hear these ideas.

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