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The end of YouTube would not be a terrible outcome. Instead of a worldwide monopoly on DIY video, new and perhaps less evil options would have a chance.

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It's a two-mile drive from Interstate 5 to the West Seattle Bridge.

I can understand how a new reporter hired from out of town might have such a boneheaded mis-grasp of the city's geography, but how does it get past an editor and make it into print?

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'Qualified immunity' is a genuine piece of judicial activism, a doctrine created from thin air by the Supreme Court, granting almost limitless immunity for almost anything police officers do. It's why lawsuits over most of the worst atrocities by American police get tossed from court.

So it's news when a court notices that a cop's done something so outrageous that a lawsuit will be allowed.

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The Pentagon lied and people died — an ordinary day, in other words.

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"We weren't looking at this from a public health perspective," said a senior military officer involved in the program. "We were looking at how we could drag China through the mud."

Dead people (lemmy.world)
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Being old, death gets my attention, so I read the obituaries. This is a collection of recent obits, mostly of people whose work touched my life, because I want to say thanks (or maybe give 'em a final fuck you).

There’ll be a roundup like this occasionally, until I’m on the list myself.

William Anders

Ezra Bozeman
49 years in prison

Brother Marquis
rock'n'roller, 2 Live Crew

Clarence Cameron

Jeannette Charles
not the queen of England

Lynn Conway
very large-scale integrated circuits

Alan Curry
fellow worker

Christophe Deloire
Reporters Without Borders

Ian Gelder
actor, Torchwood

Mark James
songwriter, "Hooked on a Feeling"

Albert Knight Jr
forgotten man

James Lawson Jr

Tony Lo Bianco
actor, The Honeymoon Killers

Elizabeth MacRae
actress, The Conversation

Ed Mann
rock'n'roller, The Band From Utopia

Amarr Murphy-Paine
high school kid

Janis Paige
actress, Silk Stockings

Barry Romo

William Russell
actor, Doctor Who

Edward Ryan
closeted gay man

Edward C. Stone
Voyager missions

Chet Walker
basketballer, Philadelphia 76ers

Jerry West
basketballer, Los Angeles Lakers

Previously dead

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Why would people elect such imbeciles to a school board? How can these officials, and the imbeciles who voted for them, not be embarrassed and ashamed?

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Instead of taking constant screenshots by default, it'll take constant screenshots only for used dumb enough to opt-in, and instead of storing everything in a plain text user-accessible and easily-hackable database, it'll have some level of encryption, probably making it accessible only to Microsoft, cops, and better hackers.

For me, the issue isn't even in the tech; it's in the company. Microsoft produces usually-functional but frustrating software, and has a long track record of tactics that prove it's not trustworthy. The only people who'd opt-in to this software from this company are people who don't know much about this company.

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That's what we've been saying for 30+ years, so why stop now?

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Grazi. Hope you didn't have to pay twice.

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Looks like the link is formatted correctly, but The Times is demanding a password.

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What a screwball take.

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And as always always always happens in cases like this, there's no indication that the officers involved were disciplined in any way.

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And they'll win if there's any justice, but we all know that's a huge 'if'.

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Biden then said, “And what happened was, Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit, and help fix it.’" This is way too deep in the nettles for me to remember or even google; do you have any idea whether that trip to Detroit was about the pandemic, or (like TBD seems to think) about the recession?

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Thank goodness for the statute of limitations, man.

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