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[-] Dagnet 12 points 9 hours ago

Time to have some udon!

[-] Dagnet 19 points 14 hours ago

What is crazy to me is that they decide that using a book that is 2 millenia old to tell them what is good or bad is somehow the norm instead of using your own fucking brain.

[-] Dagnet 40 points 15 hours ago

I have had someone actually ask me "Then how do you know what is good or bad?" when I told them I am an atheist, possibly the most insane question I've ever heard.

[-] Dagnet 6 points 18 hours ago

I know, but that would be on my list too (tho it wouldnt just make someone a '1/10')

[-] Dagnet 25 points 18 hours ago

Really think everyone should know how to cook, at least the basics

[-] Dagnet 6 points 2 days ago

Arkane deserved better...

[-] Dagnet 16 points 2 days ago

The downfall of humanity, all because of a comic

[-] Dagnet -1 points 2 days ago

Well sure, let me change from accent to dialect and the post is still the same for all that is worth

[-] Dagnet 1 points 2 days ago

Maybe the kids you know don't, but there are certainly some, unless you know every kid in your country, then you are 100% right

[-] Dagnet 23 points 3 days ago

Is it because of the gamers nexus video?

[-] Dagnet 115 points 3 days ago

Best part is portuguese, it seems kids in Portugal are now speaking with a brazilian accent because most Portuguese videos on youtube/tiktok are made by brazilians lol get reverse colonized suckers

[-] Dagnet 5 points 4 days ago

Just passing by to say it's a great show

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I swear this game is making fun of me

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It's weird, for the past few weeks I've been trying to switch from reddit to lemmy but something wasn't quite there... I couldn't tell what but I tried all sorts of apps and even the old.reddit style lemmy. After finding this app I can finally say I feel 0 reason to go back to reddit, great work! Kinda dumb but I decided my first post had to be about it since this is the reason for me to be on lemmy now. Also, is it just me or does it adapt to ultrawide resolutions? I've never dreamed to have a better experience browsing on ultrawide but here we are!

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